Can You Make a Passive Income with Amazon Publishing & How to Do It?

The world is getting tired of 9 to 5 jobs, isn’t it? Yet not everyone has the luxury of saying goodbye to those and finding a different way of supporting themselves financially. Those who do, however, are often extremely happy with the decision they have made, having secured a passive income for themselves without needing to work every single day and without getting constantly stressed out due to a fast-paced work environment.

Have you been interested in passive income as well? Sure, you have! Everyone has! Earning money while basically sleeping is everyone’s goal, so what you need to do next is figure out how to actually achieve it. One of the platforms that can serve to help you do this is Amazon, and this page can further explain what you can do through the platform to earn passive income.

One thing you should absolutely consider is Amazon Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), as well as other self-publishing tools that they offer can definitely open the doors to the life you are dreaming of – a life without the 9 to 5 job and without the everyday stress. Given that the market is so saturated nowadays and given the fact that you are perhaps not a writer, you arewondering whether making a passive income with Amazon Publishing is actually possible for you.

Is Making a Passive Income with Amazon Publishing Possible?

Let us get to the bottom of that. Addressing the first concern first, here is what I have to say. Sure, the market is saturated and there are countless books being sold on this platform, but that does not mean you will not be able to stand out. Every single product has its buyer, and that includes your book as well. Of course, you can’t expect to become a millionaire shortly after publishing your work, but you can’t expect to earn more than a decent living if you put enough effort into marketing your work and basically getting the word out there, letting the world know that you have something of value to sell.

Emphasis on something of value, meaning you should create a great book if you really want to make sales in the long run. Now, that is where your second concern comes into play. What if you are not exactly a writer, or you are a brand new one, not quite sure of your own writing skills and qualities? That would seem like a deal breaker, but here is the thing. With enough determination, willingness, and effort, you can certainly put together a great digital book to sell even if you have never written anything before in your life.

Of course, making it of great quality is clear must if you want to make any sales in the long run, but the bottom line is that you can do this. Amazon Publishing opens up the doors of selling books even to those people who have not thought of themselves as writers before. Discipline makes perfect, so if you start writing right now and if you are disciplined and determined enough, you will certainly get to create a perfect digital piece to sell, thus earning passive income through this platform.

Speaking of that, here are some more ideas on how to earn passive income with Amazon:

So, to sum things up, if you are wondering whether making a passive income with Amazon Publishing is still possible, the answer is yes. Absolutely. Having concerns about the saturated market and about you yet not being a very skilled writer is completely normal. But, if you shed the concerns and start doing the necessary work, you will definitely get the results for which you are hoping.

How to Do It?

Now, having understood that this is an actual possibility, you arewondering how to really do it. How to make a passive income with Amazon Publishing? Several steps you can take towards achieving that, and it is always better to use a few of those steps in combination instead of focusing on just one earning method and not exploring the others. Even so, if you are just now starting out, taking even just one of these steps will undeniably be a great step forward on your journey toward achieving the goal of earning passive income.

1. Sell Digital Copies of Your Book

Selling digital copies of your book is, of course, the most obvious method you can use. Kindle eBook sales will earn you royalties, meaning you will not be doing anything much after publishing the book, and you will be getting money for every digital copy you sell. The best thing – you cannot quite run out of digital copies, meaning there is absolutely no limit as to what you can accomplish if you just put your mind to it.

2. Get Paid for Every Page Someone Reads

Did you know that making a passive income on Amazon goes beyond selling copies of your books? Sure, that is one of the ways in which you can earn, but the good thing is that there are other possibilities as well. Basically, by enrolling in the Kindle Select program, you can create a revenue stream based on page reads, meaning you will get paid for every single page that someone reads. It is like Spotify but for writers instead of musicians.

3. Publish the Book in Episodes

Splitting your book into episodes with Kindle Vella, your readers will have the opportunity to unlock one chapter after another by purchasing tokens. Not only will this help you earn a passive income, but you will also have clear insight into which chapters performed the best. That way, you can identify what your readers want and write more of it!

4. Sell Audiobooks

Selling audiobooks is one of those things that should not be ignored as a possibility to earn a passive income with Amazon Publishing. Converting your book into an audiobook provides you with an additional format for your work, thus creating more selling opportunities. You basically create a whole different product that can serve to help you fulfill your dream of earning passive income and living the life you want.

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