5 Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier in Mumbai

Shifting to the “city of dreams” is about excitement and fortune and the hard work and strategies that come with it. While moving to Mumbai, you must consider things like rent options and changing lifestyles.

You can save big only by applying the right strategies at the right time. If you are a student or fresher looking to settle in Mumbai, you must follow specific steps and carefully distribute your budget for the best results.

How to Save Money as a Singleton in Mumbai?

It is both an advantage and a disadvantage to shift to Mumbai as a fresher or a bachelor. The benefit is that you must plan for a single person with minimum requirements per your choices.

However, the disadvantage is that you will need help using the opportunities of bulk marketing and others you can do as a family man. No matter the situation, there are plenty of opportunities to live under a budget in Mumbai. Here are some of the tips to follow for the same:

Look for no-brokerage flats: It is a misconception that to look for a flat in Mumbai, you need to talk to a broker. Various Facebook groups and other websites provide no-brokerage flat options that are easily accessible in Mumbai. You need to explore specific options and make sure that they are authentic. It will help you save the cause that you need to pay brokers unnecessarily.
Wholesale marketing hacks: The wholesale markets in Mumbai are pretty affordable, especially during the evening. You can easily buy bulk vegetables, groceries, fruits, eggs, and other items at minimum prices. Take a fridge on rent so that everything remains fresh for a very long time, and you can save big on your income.
Public transport options: Mumbai has a stable connection to public transport, like buses, autos, metro rails, and local trains, among others. Ensure you look out for these options whenever you try to reach your college or workplace. Try to avoid cabs until necessary so that you can save a significant part of your income.
Affordable street food joints: The street foods in Mumbai are pretty famous, be it vada pav, pav bhaji, or anything else. You can plan your evening snacks according to the local street food options. It will be affordable and a tasty substitute for costly food items.
Rental options: You can rent furniture and electronic items in Mumbai. It will help you save income and find the best opportunities to shift quickly. Take a laptop or mobile on rent in Mumbai to look for extra income opportunities.


Mumbai is a metropolitan city that may look costly on the outside. However, if you can plan your stay strategically, you will have many options to save your income and enjoy life in the best possible way. It all depends on the situations and ways you can adjust to the changing lifestyles in a new city with the best available options.

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