Top 8 Mistakes You Make in Your Essay

You have probably read a bunch of recommendations on how to write a college essay or research paper. Each tells you to follow a particular structure and produce a strong thesis statement. These steps are important, that’s for sure. However, you have to also know what mistakes should be avoided in the process.

In this article, we included the top 8 mistakes that college and university students tend to make in every other essay. When you learn them and how to avoid them, the quality of your writing will get to a new level.

#1 Wordiness

What sentences do we call wordy? As a rule, a sentence is called that way if you use more words than necessary to convey the message. When there are many words in a sentence, it becomes unclear.

Matt ended up having to order two more glasses of wine for himself and his friend due to the fact that he has to spend two more hours waiting for his girlfriend.  

When you see the sentences like the one given above, ensure to identify each and see how you can break it into several smaller sentences. Cut off the weak words, as well as the ones with the same meaning. Besides, it is important to get rid of all nonessential details.

Matt ordered two more wines because he had to wait for his girlfriend.  

#2 Plagiarism

Meet one of the most common mistakes undergrads make. This is a serious offense in the world of education. Whether you study online or take in-person classes, you have to research various sources in order to find solid evidence for your thesis and points that you make. Besides, you have to provide proper references. If you chose to paraphrase, you should keep in mind that it is also called plagiarism. The point is that you have no right to use someone else’s ideas as if they are your own. You can cite them but never steal. After all, every essay instructor will use online plagiarism detection services to ensure that your piece is unique. If you’re caught in writing dishonesty, you’ll face serious consequences. To avoid this kind of problem, make sure to look for websites that offer professional editorial control for college papers, writing services, and many other options to help you revise your essays to make them of the best quality. Choose the most suitable editing or proofreading company and approach one with a “Please, grade my essay for me” request. The paid service will scan your work to ensure it is original and properly written.

#3 An Introductory Phrase without a Comma After It

The writers usually use introductory phrases in order to give some background information. As a rule, an introductory phrase is followed by a comma. If the phrase is short, this punctuation mark is optional.

  • Right: While the band members were hanging out with the fans, the manager was at the hotel trying to plan the next tour dates.
  • Wrong: While the band members were hanging out with the fans the manager was at the hotel trying to plan the next tour dates.

#4 Neglecting College Requirements

So, you’re required to write a personal essay of 1000 words that includes 5 paragraphs. You don’t really like the assigned topic. For that reason, you decide to change it a bit to be able to focus on the things you’re interested in. Besides, you provide 1700 words hoping you will get some extra points. But the reality is that if you fail to comply with your professor’s demands, you take a really serious risk: s/he will take a look at your paper and grade it lower than you can imagine. The point here is that your professor has ten minutes to check your work. That is why you’re going to frustrate your tutor by submitting a piece that is written on a different topic and includes endless paragraphs. It is important to read the instructions carefully and work in strict accordance with each at any cost.

#5 Spelling Errors

Students make a lot of spelling mistakes when it comes to words with the same pronunciation but different meanings. For instance, “write,” “rite,” and “right” usually cause a lot of problems for undergrads. Always stay aware of what words you use! Double-check all words to ensure that you use only the correct ones.

#6 Loads of Arguments

Whether you write an essay about politics, time, money, or any other topic, your professor always tells you to defend the thesis stamen that you decide to include with solid arguments. A lot of undergrads tend to take this recommendation too literally. In other words, they include as many quotes, facts, stats, and details as they possibly can. If you’re working on a 5-paragraph essay, do not include more than three main arguments in it. Don’t make your work more complex and hard to comprehend by including unlinked statements in it just to ensure your thesis is more convincing and believable.

#7 You Don’t Admit You Need Writing Help

You have to get ready for the test, accomplish a couple of essays, and read a book for the literature class. Let’s face it, you’re in trouble. It’s time to look for someone to help you get the job done on time. If you don’t have an expert available near your place, you’re welcome to look for a website where they offer a professional writing and editing assistance. There is nothing to be ashamed for! You are a hard-working student stuck in the middle of exam week. It is important to learn to delegate to ensure you will accomplish awesome work on time.

#8 Your Thesis Statement Is Weak

Providing a solid thesis statement in an introductory paragraph of your essay is a must. It serves as a hook that your paper will be based upon. It should be specific and include a strong point of view that you will support later in the body section. If your essay does not contain one, chances are your final grade will leave a lot to be desired. 

Writing college essays that do not include these mistakes will boost your academic progress. As a result, you will achieve more confidence in your writing. And what does it mean? It means a happy professor, of course! 

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