What to write about in a motivation essay

Your motivation essay is the key to the existing world in the university of your dream. This is something that helps you to persuade the committee that you are the perfect candidate. That is why a lot of applicants hire edit my paper services to make their essays look perfect. But what about the content part of your motivation essay? What should you write about to be accepted? Here are the main points.

The Statement of Purpose is probably the most difficult thing you will ever have to write. Almost everyone who starts writing a motivation essay does it wrong. What they taught you in school about self-presentation can take you down the wrong path. 

The admissions committee knows why you are applying to this program because they read through a ton of letters like this every day. Also, the committee knows that your skills will “blossom in all their glory” because the university has a strong program. Of course, you will accept challenges – everyone will accept them, regardless of their skill level. And by itself, students will hone their skills – isn’t that the main goal of a master’s program?

Given the approximate length of a motivation essay of 300 words, the applicant spends about 15% of the volume saying absolutely nothing. And it’s not just that everything written is obvious and predictable, it’s boring! To understand what the secret to the perfect motivation essay is, you have to imagine five professors locked in a room with 500 applications. Would the beginning of a letter like this get their attention? Will they read the sequel with the thought that this particular application is the right one for their program? Will they remember this essay? No!

A “hook” that demonstrates the applicant’s passion for his or her chosen subject

For a successful motivational essay, you need something called a “hook”. For example, one student in a master’s degree program in library art made a great “hook”. It looked something like this:

“I inherited a library of 5000 volumes from my grandmother when I was eleven. I spent my best days reading and arranging her books. That is when I decided I want to be a librarian”.

Everything is clear, concise, and straightforward. In 35 words, the committee will learn about what makes up the main part of a girl’s life-a passion not only for reading books but also for taking care of them. When the committee members begin discussing the best examples, they are sure to remember “a girl with her own library,” because getting such a gift at the age of 11 would be a cherished dream of each of them!

Creativity – the key to success?

The average motivation essay is 300 words, but some applicants need only three dozen to make a statement. One such example is an essay by a student named Nigel, who wrote only three sentences, which surprised the admissions committee at Stanford University. It sounded something like this:

“I want to teach English at university. In order to do that I need a PhD degree. That is why I am applying to a PhD program”.

This describes Nigel as bold, risky, businesslike, and even arrogant. If that is how you wish to present yourself, you should do so accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that Nigel’s essay is an all-or-nothing proposition. Surely there will be someone on every committee who finds such an essay offensive and even disrespectful, although there is still a chance of getting the approval of one of the professors.

Explanation of controversial points of the academic past

All the professional writers from essay companies recommend doing this in your motivation essay. If you have a questionable academic record, tell us about it in a way that does not lose the credibility of the admissions committee. For example, in one of your semesters, you had only C’s. In this case, it is worth writing a short paragraph about what caused it (emotional problems, life difficulties), then demonstrating how you were able to cope with it, and now your grade point average is quite high. By playing this situation correctly, you will paint an image of a motivated person capable of overcoming difficulties.

Work experience and internships

If you have already worked or completed an internship somewhere, be sure to mention it in your motivation essay. Pay particular attention to employment details that are directly related to your chosen profession. Think about how you can relate the work you have done and the experience you have gained to the hiring criteria.

Skills and Achievements

Admissions officers are interested in your strengths: your talents, your skills, your victories in sports and intellectual competitions, your participation in scholarship programs, and more. Your achievements don’t need to inspire awe; it is enough to tell them what you recall with pride and warmth of heart. Successfully passed exams in music school, attending various clubs, charitable activities. It is important to describe things that speak of you as a talented, versatile, and interesting person. The admissions officers are not interested in a dry list of skills and achievements – there is a resume for that – but in your ability to think and draw conclusions from your experiences.

Mention specific university professors

Begin by describing the reason you have chosen this particular university. Research your major program on the university website and explain what it is about it that appeals to you. This approach will present you as someone interested enough in your chosen field to learn in detail how it is implemented at the target institution. Or identify the distinguished professors currently teaching there and say you want to work with them. Don’t just write their names, as anyone who uses the internet can do that. Mark something that shows your respect for the work they have done. If you choose the most famous one, other potential students will likely do the same. It is better to opt for the work of a lesser-known professor that you find interesting.

When your essay is done, ask for a review from your friends, teachers or edit your paper with the best writing service to make sure your essay is clear and straightforward. So, with interesting content and pure grammar, your motivation essay will definitely bring you success.

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