Want to make your running shoes last longer? These tips will help you keep them in great condition.

Top Ways to Keep Men’s Running Shoes Last Longer

Irrespective of how well-crafted a running shoe is, eventually it will wear out. Still, with a reliable brand like Campus Shoes offering access to running shoes for men, you can be assured of highly durable men’s footwear options that last longer than others.

When running shoes wear out, the glove-like fit will get sloppy, the outsole of the shoe will lose its tread, and bouncy steps will get sluggish and spongy -wearing down the entire piece to the sole. It is an unfortunate event that all runners have to face this at some point in their running journey. Thankfully, there are some helpful steps that you can undertake to prolong the damage of your favorite running shoes. All it will take is some care and an understanding of how to extend the lifespan of your running shoes.

Taking Care of Your Running Shoes

Irrespective of the type of running shoes for men you purchase, it is imperative for you to take proper care to ensure their overall durability. Here are some useful tips to make your favorite pair of running shoes last longer:

Rotating Pairs of Running Shoes

Just as your body needs rest, your running shoes will need some rest days as well. As foam of the shoe design gets sweaty and compressed, it is time that you ensure that your shoes dry out and bounce back. If you possess a second pair of running shoes, the first pair can undergo the ‘rest’ period as you continue using the other. A day or two without your regular shoes will help them last longer.

Moreover, if you are used to wearing two distinct models of running shoes, the subtle change in heel-to-toe drop and stack height will help in strengthening the smaller muscles in your legs and feet.

Drying Your Shoes Out

If you end up running through a stream crossing, a rainstorm, or a flooded trail, or you simply sweat a lot, you will have a soaked pair of shoes to wear. As you rest your running pair to allow the foam to decompress, it is equally important to allow your shoes to dry out completely. It is because wet shoes will start stinking and feeling gross altogether.

One way to easily dry out your wet running shoes is by removing its insole, setting them aside wherein they are capable of drying easily, and stuffing your shoes with something absorbent -like paper towels or newspaper. Allow your shoes to sit for some hours or even overnight. Ultimately, remove the paper. You can also allow the paper to dry out afterward while reusing the same several times to dry your wet running shoes.

If you have not subscribed to any newspaper, you can search for free publications anywhere. Just ensure that you are choosing newsprint and not glossy magazine cover. It is recommended to keep a pile of paper always handy for extra sweaty runs and rainy days.

If your shoes were delivered in a package containing piles of paper, you can store them. It will be the perfect size for your shoes. Moreover, the texture of paper will also be perfect to absorb excess moisture.

Protecting Them from Exterior Elements

Avoid leaving your shoes on the porch to dry out in the sun for several days. The sun will help in keeping your shoes dry. However, it will also start degrading the materials if you leave them out for too long.

While it is convenient to possess a pair of spare shoes in your footwear closet, excessive temperatures can harm the material of running shoes. Do your leave your running pair in your car for too long. For the same reason, you also do not want to abandon your favorite pair of shoes in the snow or rain.

Cleaning Them, Not Putting Them in the Dryer

Most individuals are obsessive as far as cleanliness of their running shoes is concerned. However, deep cleaning is not necessary. Most runners prefer keeping their shoes out of the washing machine while cleaning them by hand -if required at all. If you are indeed required to wash your shoes and do not wish to make use of the conventional rag-and-brush method of cleaning, the washing machine will be permissible when you make use of the cold cycle.

Hot temperatures in the machine can eventually damage the adhesives that are used for binding the shoe together while shortening the overall lifespan. If you put your shoes in the machine for washing, avoid putting them in the dryer. The overall heat will damage the shoes. Moreover if you are looking for the best budget running shoes with all essential features, you may consider CrossFit shoes.

Keeping Track of the Miles

Running shoes are expected to be replaced every 300-400 miles. It will ultimately depend on several factors like your overall weight, the durability of the shoes, and the stride pattern.

Tracking your miles might appear an overwhelming task. However, it is relatively easier than you think. You can use a functional GPS-powered smartwatch and connect it to your smartphone to track the mileage of your run.

You can reach the mark of 400 miles and observe that your favorite pair of running shoes will be full of life and supportive. Otherwise, you will find that they are no longer as durable as other models. As you track your running miles, it will help in protecting your body while being mindful of how long your favorite shoes will last.

Wearing Them Only for Running

Indeed, running shoes are super cool. However, when you run in them regularly and continue wearing them down all day long, the extra running miles will add up while minimizing their longevity.

It is important to remember that your running shoes require ample rest. If you are fond of running shoes, get yourself couple pairs -one for your running routine and the other to wear to vacations or errands.


For all the shoes fanatics out there, Campus Shoes brings forth an extensive collection of the best running shoes for men in all sizes and styles.

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