Ways to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer

Running shoes for women are important investments. Whether you are an occasional runner or simply passionate about trending running shoes for women, injuries due to inappropriate shoes can end up derailing your running goals. Therefore, it is recommended to buy women’s shoes from reputed brands like Campus Shoes to get the most out of your running regimen.  

When you invest in good quality of running shoes for women, it can help in preventing ankle and foot damage. At the same time, a good pair of running shoes for women from Campus Shoes can make your entire workout session a highly comfortable and pleasant experience. Once you have made the investment when you buy women’s shoes from Campus Shoes, it is imperative for you to take proper care of the shoes properly to ensure that they last for a longer time. 

Taking Good Care of Your Running Shoes 

If you are a workout freak or simply love collecting durable footwear, running shoes will be the most important assets of your collection. Therefore, it makes proper sense to look after them towards prolonging their life while getting access to several miles and years of happy running. 

Here are some pro tips to take good care of your running shoes to make them last longer: 

Be Consistent with Cleaning 

When you leave your running shoes in a dirty state, it would eventually reduce the rubber or material quality utilized in the sole. Moreover, it also contributes to the build-up of bacteria. Ultimately, you will take along bacteria and dirt everywhere you go.  

If you are on a daily running routine, you should avoid deep cleaning after almost every run as the sneakers might not dry in time for the next run. Therefore, it is important to understand your overall running schedule and routine when you wish to clean the shoes. It is recommended to conduct deeper cleaning when you have a rest day from running. A deeper cleaning regimen will keep your running shoes fresh.  

Avoid Using the Washing Machine 

Avoid putting your running shoes in the washing machine. It is because the process significantly reduces the glue capacity of your running shoes. This would make your shoes tear apart too soon by breaking down the stitches and mesh. Ultimately, it will make your shoes fall apart or observe a noticeable reduction in the overall support while running. 

Make it a point to clean your precious running shoes with hands by using a mild detergent or shoes-cleaning agents. It will retain the overall quality by keeping the fabric intact and the rubber soles fresh without causing any damage. 

Pay Attention to Odor 

There can be nothing worse than bad-smelling running shoes. As you continue using your running shoes without paying attention to its upkeep, there will be a build-up of bacteria. Eventually, it will lead to bad odor. If you wish to prevent bad odors while keeping your feet fresh all the time, you can think of using a reliable odor protector for your running shoes. 

The solution will help in doing away with the source of smell -not just masking the odor. After your run, you can simply spray the odor protector solution on the insides of the shoes while allowing it to dry. You will be left with a refreshing smell that does not make people run away from you.  

Ensure Proper Storage 

If you wish to ensure the best-ever care for your precious running shoes, it is crucial for you to store them properly. Aim at storing them in some dry place -usually at room temperature. Also, ensure that your shoes are not kept under direct sunlight. It is because direct sunlight leads to oxidization -leading to the development of yellow color or stains on the soles or white components of the footwear. 

In addition to this, it is also crucial to avoid packing running shoes in a box or bag. It is because this storage will prevent proper air circulation while increasing the accumulation of bad bacteria within them.  

Run in Proper Comfort 

Standard insoles present in casual running shoes or sneakers are quite fundamental. They are not always capable of supporting your entire feet -from front to rear. You can think of improving the overall running comfort while correcting any imbalance. This can be done by adding foam insoles or buying comfortable running shoes by Campus Shoes online. Comfortable insoles are capable of molding themselves completely according to the unique shape of your foot. 

The comfortable range of insoles for any running shoes will fit in every type of shoe model or design. Eventually, they will help in preventing foot slippage within your shoes while relieving pressure on the foot’s ball, joints, and bunions. They will also help in improving the overall balance and absorbing major shocks.  

Untie Them When Not Wearing 

As soon as you take your running shoes off, it is recommended to unlace them. Avoid using your foot to kick your running shoes off. Once you put them back on, retie them properly. The process will help in preventing the heel cup of these shoes from losing support and getting crushed under the pressure of your feet. 

Keep Alternating Shoes 

Why have a single running pair of shoes when you get access to an exhaustive collection at Campus Shoes? Buy women’s shoes in attractive designs and patterns at Campus Shoes and enhance your footwear collection. This way, you can keep alternating your running shoes every time you head out. 

There is no more reason to be bored of a single footwear wherever you go. With access to durable and fashionable women’s running shoes online at Campus Shoes, you can get the most out of every shoe pair without damaging them quite frequently.  


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