The important modification made to the last man rule in football

The last man rule is an important aspect of football that deserves to be understood. You can make betting Nigeria on 1xbet.ng/en website at any moment when this particular regulation is likely to be applied.

This rule can be understood as follows:

  • an attacking player faces the last defender or the opposing goalkeeper;
  • the keeper or the defender makes a foul when the attacking player has a clear opportunity of scoring a goal;
  • this results in a straight red card to the defending player.

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A punishment that some people considered excessive

It is important to note that any kind of foul will result in a straight red card in this situation, even if it wasn’t violent at all. What is punished is not the violence of the play, but the fact that a clear chance of scoring a goal was illegally prevented. Visit 1xbet.ng/en/live to wager on footballers that are likely to be punished by this rule.

Prior to 2016, this rule was applied regardless of whether the fouled player was inside or outside of the penalty box. Some people linked to football that awarding a penalty kick (which has a huge possibility of resulting in a goal) plus giving a straight red card was excessive. The 1xBet website is always available to wager on whether a team will obtain a penalty kick.

It was felt that the team that committed the offense was too harshly punished. After all, they faced the prospect of being with one less player and a goal down, which severely diminished their winning chances.

Modifying the regulation

FIFA decided to listen to those who thought that the teams that committed the offense were being punished too harshly. You can always bet on football with 1xbet.ng/en/line/football on all players who get yellow cards or red cards.

From 2016 onwards, the rule was modified in the following way. If the foul was made outside of the penalty box, a straight red card would still be shown to the player who commits it. This is because there are far less chances of scoring from a free kick than from a penalty kick. Start betting on football with 1xBet now on whether a player is likely to take a free kick.

However, if the offense was committed inside the penalty box, only a yellow card would be shown. It is important to mention that if the fouling player already has a yellow card, he will still be shown the second yellow and the corresponding red.

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