7 Most Popular IIM Calcutta Advanced Online Courses

IIM Calcutta was the first Indian Institute of Management to be established in India, and it has since matured into a global institution, providing high-quality management education.

IIM Calcutta offers several advanced-level management certification programmes that help working professionals develop the skills needed to lead organisations and guide them to success.

This article will discuss the seven most popular IIM Calcutta advanced courses you can take online.

1. Executive Programme on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy

This 9-month-long IIM Calcutta programme includes live sessions with experienced faculty and helps professionals gain in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, social media marketing and analytics.

Who should do the programme?

Early-career professionals and business owners who want to hone their digital and social media marketing skills to successfully manage and grow their organisations digitally.
Aspiring managers and consultants who want to use the latest marketing and analytics strategies to drive digital growth and customer engagement.
Senior executives who want to improve their strategic marketing capabilities in social media and digital.
2. Chief Financial Officer Programme

This advanced certification programme offered by IIM Calcutta includes weekly live online and in-class sessions with top faculty. This 9-month course teaches senior executives how to evaluate business strategies to make better strategic financial decisions and become efficient CFO in today’s changing work environment.

Who should do the programme?

New and evolving CFOs who want to lead financial strategies to gain a competitive advantage and increase business value.
Senior finance professionals interested in becoming future CFOs.
Business heads seeking to advance their financial strategies and skills to lead their organisations to success.
3. Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics

This intensive 9-month multi-modular programme aims to teach senior executives analytical tools and technologies with management skills to add value to the organisation and its customers.

Who should do the programme?

Managers and senior managers seeking a practical understanding of analytics to work on current and future strategic initiatives, solve business problems, and propel their organisations forward.
Senior consultants who work with leadership teams to teach them the latest business analytical techniques to gain a competitive advantage.
4. Advanced Programme in Strategic Project Management

This 9-month advanced programme at IIM Calcutta focuses on learning effective project planning, execution, monitoring, and closure strategies, as well as the behavioural skills required to manage teams and stakeholders and move every project toward success.

Who should do the programme?

Professionals with project management experience who want to learn advanced skills and strategies to switch domains or advance up the ladder to a general management position.
Mid and senior-level professionals and aspiring project leaders looking to diversify their skills.
5. Executive Programme in Global Business Management

It is a one-year advanced programme that helps professionals manage global business operations such as strategy development, marketing planning, and global supply chain management, as well as equip themselves with the necessary skills to succeed in a global business arena.

Who should do the programme?

Early and mid-career professionals seeking to advance to global management roles and develop impactful business strategies, advanced decision-making, and managerial skills in international markets.
Senior executives and emerging business leaders seeking to gain the latest perspective on business strategies and expand their businesses in a global marketplace.
6. Executive Programme in Leadership & Management

IIM Calcutta offers a one-year advanced-level certificate programme that aims to develop senior professionals’ knowledge of organisational strategies and strategic issues faced by organisations and equip them with leadership skills to successfully formulate and implement strategies and steer organisations’ wheels toward success.

Who should do the programme?

Senior executives seeking to lead cross-functional strategies as influential business leaders.
Business leaders who want to improve their leadership and decision-making skills, as well as their company’s growth and profitability.
7. Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management

This IIM Calcutta programme is a 12-month advanced course in the field of operations research and management that equips professionals with the concept and practises of supply chain management and helps them deliver business success through effective coordination with suppliers and consumers.

Who should do the programme?

Supply chain professionals who want to improve their skills in modern strategies, modelling, and analytics.
Professionals looking to advance their careers in supply chain analytics and logistics while improving their decision-making skills.

Check out the advanced IIM Calcutta programmes if you want to learn more about the advanced certification courses.

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