Exploring the Visual Effects of Psychedelic Mushroom Art

The visual effects psychedelics have on us are many and varied and, for the most part, are poorly understood. If you ask someone without personal experience what they think a psychedelic hallucination might look like, you’ll get a range of responses. Few of these will be in any way accurate.

Some studies suggest 1 in 4 Americans have tried some kind of hallucinogenic drug. The devil’s in the details, however, and dosage plays a large part in the experience. Whether these people had a true boundary-dissolving experience is up for debate.

If you’re interested in the effects of hallucinogens but would rather not experience their effects firsthand, you’re in luck! Many artists who’ve done just that have created art intending to convey their experiences. Read on to find out more about psychedelic mushroom art!

Psychedelic Mushroom Art

If you’ve heard anything at all about the effects of eating magic mushrooms, you’re sure to feel a little curious. We live in a time where exploration of alternate dimensions is a common theme of many popular films and tv shows. The prospect of being able to leave our reality for a while is a beguiling one.

The claim that by simply swallowing particular fungi you can be transported to a different realm is quite something. Its worth considering that most people’s reaction to this idea is one of sneering contempt. Even more interesting than that is when you dig a little deeper, contempt is often borne from fear.

Were fearful of things that have power, and rightly so. There’s something instinctual within us that cautions us in the face of all kinds of potential danger. At the top of this list sits “The Unknown,” a property shared by everything before familiarity works its ameliorating magic.

What’s so curious about the psychedelic journey is that the only true route to familiarity is through experience. Art allows for the beginning of the suggestion of an outline. That doesn’t mean psychedelic-inspired art isn’t beautiful or thought-provoking, but it falls considerably short of its source of inspiration.

A Curious Effect

Fear and respect aren’t mutually exclusive, but nor do they go hand in hand. It’s possible to respect something without fearing it and vice versa. If you feel fear at the idea of a psychedelic experience, that’s a good sign.

Fear of the unknown cautions us against biting off more than we can chew. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, as they say. A heroic dose isn’t necessary to experience the beginnings of the changes in visual acuity associated with a light trip. This way, you can dip your toe in the water to get a better idea of what might be awaiting you in the deep end.

The deep end is where things get interesting and is the source of fear for most people. There is no bottom to this particular pool. You can dive as deep as your courage will allow.

The fear isn’t in seeing something scary, in horrific visions, or in losing control of your faculties. The fear comes from the resistance your ego exerts as a last-ditch effort to save itself from annihilation. In terms of curious effects, this has got to be one of life’s more bizarre ones.

A Worthy Experience

No matter how accurate psychedelic art may be, without a frame of reference, it’ll mean little. A realistic portrayal of a psychedelic journey is only the smallest snapshot of the artist’s experience. A visual representation leaves a lot to be desired.

The mushroom experience is typically felt as more of a conversation with a benevolent entity. The mushroom acts as the guiding hand of something ancient and timelessly wise. With a little luck, were taken through a guided tour of our minds to better understand ourselves.

Once some personal shortcomings are addressed, the next stage is being shown the inconceivable. Report after report outlines visions that are seemingly beyond the ability of our imaginations to conjure up. The overwhelming consensus here is that the traveler sees snippets of very real distant dimensions and their inhabitants.

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Feeling Courageous?

All of this amounts to something quite simple in that these substances undoubtedly have power. They are efficacious to the extreme. For this reason, they’re looked upon dubiously by the established powers that be.

Above all, hallucinogenic substances dissolve preconceived ideas about reality. They deconstruct cultural boundaries and, for this reason alone, are grievously controlled by people whose best interests lie, with these boundaries remaining unquestioned.

The visual effects of magic mushrooms are the lowest rung on the ladder when it comes to other effects experienced under their influence. While psychedelic art is certainly an avenue of expression worthy of praise, it’s important to understand how these attempts at expression pale in comparison to the experience itself.

A painting cant take your hand and guide you through your mind. Nor can it show you the infinitely complex organic runic cogs turning somewhere beyond the veil of this reality. A simple mushroom or a little mimosa hostilis inner root bark is just the ticket to this end.

A Peek Beyond the Curtain

Artistic expression is in no way to be poo-pooed. Great feats of art endure for hundreds of years for a reason. They touch our hearts as surely as any psychedelic experience.

Psychedelic mushroom art is best admired after having acquainted yourself with the mushroom personally, though. Give it a go, and you’re sure to agree!

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