Effects to Do Right Away Regarding the UK Driver’s License Photo


If you have any desire to reserve the option to drive on motorways and other public streets in the Unified Realm, you want an authority report which approves you to do as such. This record is a driving permit and in the UK drivers licence photo it can likewise be utilized as an ID.

A driving license in the United Kingdom must be biometric, which means that the photo must be machine-readable and meet strict requirements, as with all identity documents. To ensure that your application is accepted, make sure to read the requirements for a driving license photo.

UK requirements for a photo on a driving license

When you want to upload a photo with your application form, you need to follow a few rules. Simply put, your image must:

  • Be situated a picture of your face that was taken in the past month,
  • Stand colored,
  • Showcase your natural features and skin tone,
  • Remain sharp and in center
  • Be taken from the right context,
  • Not be influenced by any software.

Do you find this to be difficult? We can assure you that nothing should because you concern. You can take your own picture whenever and wherever works best for you. Let us take care of the rest if you just pay attention to the main composition and facial expression rules (which we will go over in detail in the following paragraphs). Take a look at our intelligent photo tool, which is prepared to resize, crop, and modify your photo’s background.

How do you take a great ID picture?

As UK nationals don’t typically have character cards, a visual driving permit can likewise serve a resident in non-driving settings, for example, opening a financial balance or proof old enough while purchasing age-confined merchandise like liquor or tobacco. 

This means that you will show your driving license to police officers, store workers, bank clerks, your future boss, and others many times a year. It makes sense that you want your driving license picture to make you look good. There are some tips on how to look good in a biometric picture, in addition to the legal requirements. You will know how to: after reading our article.

  • Look and act,
  • Make-up and attire,
  • Make good use of the lighting,
  • After taking a picture, alter the background,
  • Crop and resize an image,
  • Avoid making the most mutual errors.

The best part is: You will learn how to verify your photo on a new driving license to ensure that it will be accepted and returned to you!

Edit photos online

Because the government validates them using computer software, photos used on driving licenses in the UK must be machine-readable, as previously mentioned. All of the photos in our online photo app are checked and validated by smart AI (artificial intelligence), and if it finds that they will be accepted by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency it will mark them as correct.

 Because of this, you can be sure that using our services to edit and validate your photo will not put you in any danger. Our photo making and verification service guarantees that any and all pictures purchased will be accepted by the authorities. How can our insightful photograph application help you? Our application can:

  • Resize,
  • Collect,
  • Eliminate an inappropriate background,
  • Add a background of the appropriate color,

Size and crop of the official UK driving license

You are not required to cut the photo to achieve this size, but it must have dimensions of 35 millimeters in width and 45 millimeters in height on your driving license. The cutting will be done for you if you attach a larger photo. The fact that your head and hair must occupy between 70 and 80 percent of the image is what really matters. This means that your head must be 29mm high at the bare minimum and 34mm high at the maximum. Your head, shoulders, and upper body have to be included in the crop.

Template for UK driving license photos

You will receive a photo template that you can use as many times as you like, such as for passport applications or office ID cards, once you purchase a photo from our website. You can print your photographs commonly in a photograph stand close to you or request them to be conveyed to your personal residence.

How to dress in the photograph?

While taking a picture for your UK driving license, you are not required to wear any specific clothing. However, we have some pointers that have been greatly appreciated by numerous of our global clients. A good method is:

  • Dress in a shirt with a collar or a dress with a V-neck.
  • For better contrast, choose colors that are darker than the background.
  • Not to wear a turtleneck because it doesn’t look good when cropped.
  • Not to costume a tank top as you will look like you are bare in the photograph.

Most frequent mistakes

If you want your driving license quickly, keep in mind that every year, inaccurate photos are the most common reason for rejection. Be on the lookout for mistakes whether you submitted a printed or digital image. 

  • Wrong posture, such as tilting the head or looking away from the camera,
  • A smile or a mouth open
  • Incorrect background,
  • Poor photo quality (the image isn’t sharp or in focus, it’s overexposed or underexposed),
  • Unfortunate paper quality (photos printed with a home inkjet printer).

In the picture, can I wear my hijab or any other headgear?

For biometric recognition, you can wear your hijab, yarmulke, or any other religious head covering. However, you must ensure that they are pulled back and to the side so that your entire face is visible. You are permitted to wear any head covering or headgear worn for medical purposes in the UK driving license photo; however, the same regulations apply to showing your entire face.


We can provide you with a comprehensive service at a fraction of the cost of professional photo booths while maintaining the same level of quality when you have your photo edited and evaluated with us. Therefore, work with us to get your UK driving license photos done without overpaying.

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