Latest Movies To Watch on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has become an important medium to entertain yourself. It has become a platform across which all the movies and the latest web series can be viewed. It has been able to host a huge variety of new movies which cannot be released in the cineplexes due to the covid situation. If you’re looking to watch the best movies on Amazon Prime, then this article has revised the list of the ones. 

These movies will definitely help to entertain you to the greatest possible extent. You can watch these movies at any point of time by simply logging in to the Amazon Prime platform. All you need is a password and username followed by a payment to the subscription amount. This onetime fee will allow you to watch these following movies. 

Puspha: The Rise

This is the part one of a superhit Tamil movie which has been dubbed in Hindi for the Hindu audience. It is a superb action movie which is not only thrilling but at the same point of time very engrossing. It is important to mention that this movie has been able to obtain a lot of positive reviews and comments from the critics since the time of its release. 

The IMBD rating of this movie is also 8.2 out of 10. It is the biggest hit of 2022. Even the number of downloads and viewership of this movie on Amazon Prime is very high. You can definitely watch the movie with your family over this weekend. Look for the best Amazon Prime coupons and avail exciting discounts. 

One Night in Miami

This is a Hollywood movie which is being streamed on Amazon Prime. It is an adventurous movie with a lot of suspense that will keep the audience hooked up to the movie till the end. This movie is definitely one of the best watches of 2022. The plot of the movie has been executed with the help of extreme brilliance. 

There is an element of emotion and romance in the movie as well. The screenplay and the dialogues of the movie are beautifully sculpted and executed in order to create a mesmerizing effect. You can watch this movie with your friends and family this weekend for creating a perfect suspense effect. 

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

It is completely based on the life of Harry Potter and all the previous series. It is one of the most amazing types of movies that has been scripted till date. 

It is important to mention that this movie has been released on this platform in order to pay tribute to the biggest writer of the century, none other than JK Rowling. It is basically a method to remember the best movie of the childhood. This movie will definitely feature the three important characteristics of the movie Harry Potter. 


So, what are you waiting for? Go to Amazon prime and logon by paying the required amount of subscription fees and get started with your favourite shows and movies to watch for this year.

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