10 DIY Medieval Costume Ideas to Try

Are you interested in creating a medieval-themed costume?
Medieval costumes are a popular choice for Halloween or themed parties. They often include elements such as long gowns, corsets, capes, and armor-like pieces. While it may seem daunting to create your own medieval costume, there are plenty of DIY ideas.

Medieval costumes are surprisingly easy to make by yourself. You won’t need very much for materials, as most of them can be found in your own attic. Here are 10 DIY medieval costume ideas to try out. Keep reading.

1. Medieval Princess

The Medieval Princess costume exudes elegance and glamor. Start with a floor-length gown, preferably with flared sleeves to mimic the fashion of the era. Go for heavy fabrics like velvet or brocade in deep royal colors such as burgundy or emerald.

A high-waisted belt can add definition to the costume. For accessories, consider a jeweled necklace or a circlet, which was a popular headpiece among princesses. Carry a scepter, which can be made out of a dowel rod painted gold and adorned with faux jewels.

2. Maiden in Distress

Start with a torn and distressed gown in a light color. Use fabric scissors to add some wear and tear to the dress for a more authentic look. Opt for pale and pastel shades to signify innocence and purity.

For added effect, you can smudge a little dirt or makeup to simulate grime. A faux shackle or chain made from aluminum foil can boost the distressed theme. Don’t forget to complement your costume with distressed hair and minimal makeup.

3. Medieval Knight

Embody bravery and chivalry in a medieval knight costume. Use a bold red or black tunic as the base of your outfit. Layer a DIY chainmail vest on top, made from gray or silver fabric.

Make a sword from cardboard and silver paint, and a shield from foam board or cardboard. A crest painted on the shield adds authenticity. A knight’s helmet can be crafted from cardboard and spray-painted silver. Don’t forget a cape, red or black will match the tunic.

4. Robin Hood

Creating a Robin Hood costume is an adventurous choice. Select materials in earthy shades of green and brown. Use these colors for the tunic, pants, and cape. Faux leather accents will add to the outlaw look.

The hat is an important part of Robin Hood’s iconic image. Opt for a soft, green hat with a feather poking out of the side. For weaponry, make a bow and arrow. This can be crafted using dowels, string, and cardboard.

To finish off the look, a small pouch for ‘stolen’ gold coins or a quiver for arrows could be a fun addition.

5. Royal Court Jester

Embrace the playful side of the medieval era with a Royal Court Jester costume. Start with a tunic and pants in vibrant colors. Stripes and diamond patterns are common for jesters, so consider using fabric with these designs.

Next, make a pointed jester hat, known as a fool’s cap, out of the same fabric. Attach bells to the tips of the hat for an authentic touch. Accessorize with a fool’s scepter or marotte, a stick with a caricature at the top, which you can craft from a simple wooden dowel and felt.

6. Enchanting Sorceress

Begin with a flowing gown or robe in dark colors such as black or deep purple. Long, billowing sleeves will add an ethereal touch. Choose fabrics with some shimmer or sparkle to hint at magical capabilities.

Create a belt using a string of faux gems or crystals. Equip yourself with a magic wand or staff. It can be made from a painted wooden dowel, decorated with glitter and faux gemstones. Carry a small pouch or box to serve as your ‘spell component’.

7. Viking Warrior

Begin with a tunic in earthy colors. Add faux fur accents for a rugged touch. Pair it with dark-colored trousers.

Create a belt using a broad strip of leather or fabric. Add a DIY sword made from cardboard and silver paint. Don’t forget a shield made from foam board or cardboard.

The helmet is a must for a Viking look. Make it out of cardboard and be sure to include the iconic horns. Accessorize with a pair of sturdy boots. If you’re looking for more options, click here for Viking clothes.

8. Peasant Chic

Start with a basic peasant dress in a comfortable, lightweight fabric. Think earth tones like browns, greens, and creams. The dress should be loose and flowing, perfect for a day in the fields. Add a simple leather belt to cinch in at the waist.

For footwear, consider simple leather sandals or boots. Accessories can include a straw hat or a simple scarf tied around your neck, which were common in medieval times. Carry a basket filled with faux fruits to complete the look.

9. Dragon Tamer

If you’re looking for a more adventurous outfit, a dragon tamer costume is a fantastic choice. Begin with a base layer of dark-colored pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Over this, wear a tunic in a contrasting color, such as brown or gray. The tunic should be belted at the waist with a wide leather belt.

For footwear, opt for sturdy boots. A faux leather cape adds an extra touch of authenticity. Don’t forget the dragon-themed accessory. This could be a toy dragon or a dragon emblem on your tunic.

10. Monk/Friar Costume

A Monk or Friar costume is an excellent choice for a DIY medieval outfit. Start with a plain, long-sleeved robe in humble colors like brown, black, or gray. You can create a robe by using a loose tunic or an oversized shirt and tying a rope as a belt around your waist.

Opt for sandals or bare feet to emulate the lifestyle of medieval monks. For the headpiece, create a tonsure cap by cutting a hole in the center of a piece of circular fabric. Add a final touch with a simple wooden cross or rosary beads.

Your Journey Into the Past with a DIY Medieval Costume

There are plenty of DIY medieval costume ideas that you can try at home. Let your creativity run wild and have fun with your costume creation. With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a unique and impressive medieval costume that will surely turn heads at any event.

So why not give one of these ideas a try for your next costume party or Halloween? The possibilities are endless!

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