The Perfect Casino Party Menu: Food and Drink Ideas for a Memorable Night

It is not a night out at the casino without some tasty food and great drinks, and a casino night-in won’t be complete without them, either. Putting together the perfect casino party menu can be a lot of fun- especially when you have some great inspiration to help you get started.

Whether you put together a buffet spread full of fan favorites or have a few simple courses to complement the games and vibes, there are easy ways to impress your guests without giving yourself too much work. Of course, we have included a few extra special ideas if you want to go the extra mile.

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Drink Ideas

Let’s start with the drinks. You can’t throw a casino party without a few great cocktails to fuel the fun. The good thing about casino-themed drinks is they can be as classy or corny as you like, depending on whether you are going for the Monte Carlo or Atlantic City vibe!

Here is a mixture of drink ideas for your next casino party.

Shaken, Not Stirred

The name is Martini, Vesper Martini. James Bond’s very own drink of choice from the iconic novel and movie Casino Royale is the daddy of classy casino cocktails and also happens to be pretty easy to make.

All you need is gin, vodka, white vermouth, and lemon zest. You also need a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes to shake it all together, and a classic martini glass to strain it into. Finish the drink with a twist of lemon peel to complete the look.

Roulette Shots

Roulette is a fan-favorite casino game, and if you really want to get the party going, Roulette Shots are just as good! If you have time, make a large flat tray that looks like a roulette board (or buy one online). Pour a shot for each number, using black vodka for the blacks and any red spirit or coloring for the reds. 

You can keep it like this just as a cool display, or you can (literally) spice it up by adding chili powder in a few random glasses. That way, it really is a roulette for your party guests when they pick their shot.

Poker Face Pitchers

The poker face cocktail is one of the most popular casino drinks in the world. It is fruity, light, refreshing, and tasty- and super easy to make. Usually, they are made by the glass, but- in a party setting- a fishbowl is always welcome. 

Mix tequila, triple sec, and pineapple juice over ice and garnish with orange and lemon wedges and some cocktail umbrellas for a little extra tackiness!

Classic Casino Foods

Moving onto the MVP dishes of casino dining, the most popular foods tend to be pretty simple- the types of things that work well on a buffet. If it is buffet-style you are going for, your options are endless.

Even if you plan to do courses or just a few snacks for sharing rather than a whole spread, the following casino classics are perfect for the theme.

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is a staple in casinos around the globe. It is very easy to make with just a few ingredients, and you can make it even more on-theme by serving it in fancy glasses (martini, margarita, shot glasses- dealer’s choice!).


Meatballs are very Vegas, so they are a great addition to your spread. Serve them as part of a platter with cheeses and other meats, or pile them up and skewer them with toothpicks for easy grazing. 

Depending on how artistic you are feeling, you could use toothpicks or skewers with little hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades on the end to delight guests and nail the nod to casinos.

Buffalo Wings

Fried buffalo chicken wings are a must-have at any casino buffet. This dish is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and it doesn’t take that much preparation if you coat them for frying in advance and have them plated up before guests arrive.

See below for a fun idea for making chicken wings part of your event.

Mini Sliders

Buffet or no buffet, tiny burgers are always a hit. The best thing about making sliders rather than burgers is the variety of flavors you can put in. Plus, they are easier to pop in your mouth quickly between rounds, hands, or spins.

Chocolate Fruit

Looking for a sweet treat? Nothing beats fruit dipped in melted chocolate. If you have a chocolate fountain, go for it! If not, melt the chocolate beforehand, put fruit and other goodies on skewers, and drizzle the chocolate on top.

Bananas, strawberries, pineapple chunks, and apples are just a few of the fruits that work well. You could also add marshmallows, crispy cake bites, or anything else you think might taste good covered in chocolate.

Fun Themes

If you want to get a little creative and have some fun, here are some ideas to start with.

Dice-Shaped Jello Shots

You can buy dice molds online for next to nothing. What an easy and effective way to add some fun to your theme.

Hot Wing Roulette

Take your buffalo wings to a new level with hot wing roulette. Gamble your tastebuds as you enjoy the delicious wings- but look out for the evil one in the bunch coated in extra hot chili! Who will be the unlucky one tonight?

Playing Card Cupcakes

Fancy yourself a bit of a decorator? Use frosting to add playing card suits and numbers to your cupcakes. 

Poker Chip Cookies

Another artsy frosting job is decorating cookies to resemble poker chips- just don’t make them so good that people try to sneak them to the table up their sleeves!

Final Thought

It doesn’t take much to create a casino atmosphere at your party. A few great cocktails, some crowd-pleasing dishes, and a couple of clever quirky designs- you will have people question whether they are in your living room or Ceasar’s Palace.

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