Food trail in Mysore

For a food lover cum traveller, Mysore offers one of the best food crawls to gorge on many south Indian dishes. Mysore is an internationally famous tourist destination known for its rich cultural heritage. Commonly, tourists from other states land first at Bangalore before embarking on journeys to other places in the state. You can find cabs in Bangalore that take you on your trip to Mysore.

Mysore is a city of temples, palaces, and intricate architecture representing its royal heritage. To date, despite its modernisedform, it has preserved its indigenous elements of beauty. It is also famous for its elegant Dussehra festival, Mysore silk, and sandalwood. Mysore treats food-fanatic travellers with its trademark sweet dish, Mysore Pak. in addition, the city is a perfect place to explore and savour a variety of South Indian recipes. Here are some of the best and must-visit places for food lovers.

1. Mylari Agrahara

The best destination to start sightseeing in Mysore is Chamundi hills in the early morning. Following the trek, mylar Agrahara is the best place to prime your tummy with Saggu masala butter dosa served with delicious onion gravy. It is the most famous among other lip-smacking items. Agrahara is lined with ancient colonies where you can see how the neighbourhoods interacted.

2. Hanumanthu hotel

Established in the 1930s, it is one of the legacy hotels crowded with non-veg lovers. Chicken pulao and mutton biryani are unique, age-old recipes. Their cooking methods using firewood in the open air give their menu a unique taste. Mutton chops and chicken curry served on bunches of dry leaves sewn together are delights to meat lovers. It is the best place to savour a meal after a visit to Mysore palace and the railway museum.

3. Mughal Darbar

Another stopping place for meat lovers is Mughal darbar, famous for dum biryani. The use of a variety of spices in unique proportions is what makes the dish outstanding. Its other distinct dishes are kebab and tandoori chicken.

4. Guru Sweets

Mysore Pak is the signature dessert of the city. Though the sweet is not new to places across Karnataka, Guru sweets are the only sweet shop that offers the original recipe. It is a legacy of the inventor of the sweet. Its locality, Devaraja market, is the centrefor commercial activities. It is adjacent to streets such as sajiraroad, banked with rows of ancient buildings.

5. Lalith Mahal

Lalith Mahal is one of the must-visit palaces in Mysore. The magnificent interiors of the palace and delicious south Indian meals make a visit wholesome. It is also a cherry on top of a cake for chat lovers to enjoy evening snacks. You have several chats, including spicy panipuri, churmurai, and pizza dosa. You can explore 99 varieties of dosa. A specialty of Lalith mahal is its royal treatment of food served on silver plates.

Wrapping up

Mysore is one of the cleanest cities in India, and its landscape is filled with green scenery. Weekends in Mysore for city dwellers spending hours every day stuck in traffic and pollution-stricken environments are refreshing. The city has different flavours of many dishes to treat your taste buds. All you have to do is hire Bangalore to Mysore cab with a backpack and head out.

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