Can You Buy XRP with PayPal?

It’s estimated that 16% of Americans have used or traded with cryptocurrency in some capacity. Now, when most people think of cryptocurrency, they tend to think of popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, the market is expanding rapidly, which means that lesser-known cryptocurrencies like XRP are becoming more well-known. So has the purchasing market caught up with these types of coins?

Can you buy XRP with PayPal? If you want to discover the answers to these questions, we’ve got your back. In this crypto guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about buying XRP safely and smartly.

Is It Possible to Buy XRP With PayPal?

Unfortunately, as of right now, you can’t use PayPal to purchase cryptocurrency like XRP. PayPal is indeed becoming more accepting of various types of cryptocurrencies.

Right now you can purchase four types directly through the app: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Also, even if you could purchase XRP through PayPal, that doesn’t mean you should.

The site charges a lot of transaction fees compared to other platforms. As such, it’s not the most efficient way to go about trading.

Are There XRP Platforms That Accept PayPal?

Yes, platforms like eToro and OKX allow you to connect your PayPal account, make a deposit, and purchase XRP. All you need to do is create an account, then select PayPal as the payment method you want.

However, as we note in the next section, purchasing XRP with PayPal isn’t necessarily a good idea even through these channels.

Should You Use These Platforms to Purchase XRP?

If you limit yourself to buying XRP with PayPal, then you lose a lot of great cryptocurrency buying platforms. Take VirgoCX for instance. If you connect your bank account, then you get zero deposit fees when purchasing XRP.

Platforms like this also give you more details on XRP so you can make informed buying decisions. When you can only pay with PayPal you’re cutting yourself out of a lot of good exchanges.

How to Stay Safe When Purchasing XRP

When investing in XRP, you should only stick to trusted reputable platforms. Never use public Wi-Fi or shared networks to buy this cryptocurrency. If you can, implement a VPN to provide an added layer of protection.

A good, secure crypto wallet will ensure that any of these types of investments you get remain safe.

Lastly, cryptocurrency is a volatile market. As such, you should only make investments that you are prepared to lose. Betting your rent or food money on XRP is simply too risky of a strategy.

Appreciate Learning About Paypal and XRP? Keep Exploring

We hope this crypto guide helped you answer the question, Can you buy XRP with PayPal? While the digital payment platform still hasn’t diversified its cryptocurrency offerings, that will likely change soon.

In the meantime, simply use the methods and strategies we lay out in this article to ensure that you invest in XRP in a way that’s financially viable and safe.

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