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How To Buy Backlinks

How To Buy Backlinks

Writing great content isn’t always enough to rank for websites. If you don’t target high-competition terms, you may be able to get the top spot by only targeting weak keyword phrases.

However, the same isn’t true when you start writing content for high-competition keywords. When the number one spot has an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than the rest of the first page, you may need to build links to rank higher.

Of course, finding a great backlink provider is easier said than done. It pays to read a backlink guide to learn how to do things right. Keep reading to learn how to buy backlinks that work and will improve your Google rankings.

Pick Your Most Important Pages

The last thing you should do is throw backlinks at every page you have. Not every page has the same importance. On top of that, you may already have a few pages that are already close to ranking on the first page.

It’s essential to boost these pages if you want to start getting more traffic. Use a search engine rankings checker to see where you currently rank for your target keywords. These are great first places to start when you buy backlinks.

Your homepage is another excellent location to point your links. You’ll probably have internal links on your homepage to other important pages. The power you get from your backlinks will travel through your internal links to give those essential pages more authority too.

Learn About Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are a critical part of any backlink strategy. Google reads an anchor text when navigating a link. That text tells Google something about the page it heads to.

That means you can use keywords in your anchor text to improve the ranking for that term on Google.

However, you shouldn’t use the same keyword for every backlink. You can use secondary keywords and other variations for your backlink text. You can also use generic text for the link.

You’ll need to provide this information to your backlink provider when buying links.

Study Website Metrics

Knowing about website metrics is critical if you want to purchase great backlinks. Yes, you may be able to buy a ton of low-powered links for not much money. But if those links don’t have any authority, they won’t do much to improve your website rankings.

Even worse, they can hurt you if it appears you’re spamming.

Domain metrics may not confirm that a website is high-quality, but they will give you a measuring stick to make your search easier. Here are a few standard metrics to consider.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric created by Moz. It considers the backlinks to a website, domain age, and other metrics. It’s a score based on a scale of 100.

You can view it by visiting the Moz website and signing up for an account.

Number of Inbound Links

Another way to determine if a website has authority is by looking at its inbound links. Are there many low-quality links, or does the website have a few links from prominent websites? If a website has links from other great websites, it’s a sign that it will work well as a backlink source.

Age of Domain

Google has a hard time trusting new websites. People create spam websites all the time on the internet, so it’s not uncommon for Google to delay the trust a website gets until after it has aged. Check into the age of a website to see if it’s been around for a while and has trust.

Website Traffic

Website metrics aren’t enough to measure the strength of a website. If Google doesn’t think it’s good enough for website traffic, it’s a good sign that Google doesn’t value it as much. Check the website traffic of your backlink sources to see how much traffic they get every month.

Pick a Backlink Type

There is more than one type of backlink. Some are easy to get, while others need more communication with people who place links. Here are the common ones to consider.

Guest Post

A guest post is a link you get by creating content for another website and allowing them to post it. Guest posts are a win-win situation. Most web admins get paid for posting content, and you get an authoritative link to your website.

Niche Edit

Niche edits are similar to guest posts. You get an in-context link back to your website and pay a web admin for access to their website. However, your link gets put in existing content instead of requiring you to create content for the website.

Editorial Link

Do you consider yourself an authority on a topic and have something to say? If so, reporters may want to hear from you.

Some services like HARO allow reporters to request information from people with experience. If you provide great information, you may get a backlink when you give reporters good information.

Create a Budget

A budget is critical when you start a backlinking campaign. Yes, you can find backlink sources that charge a few dollars. But those providers don’t necessarily provide excellent links.

That’s why you need to take your budget seriously when looking for backlinks. You can pay a few hundred to thousands of dollars for link packages.

Set your budget before you start to look for link providers. This will help you narrow your choices to backlink companies that offer the type of links that will get you results.

Examine Your Competition

You don’t have to start from scratch when looking for backlink sources. Many competition analysis tools let you see what your competitors already do.

You can view one of these tools to see your competitors’ backlinks. In some cases, you can buy a link directly from a website or ask to be included in a list. In others, you may need to do some more work to find the backlink source.

In either case, matching your competitor’s link profiles is a great way to get the links you need to rank higher. Ensure you read how to use backlink checkers to learn how to make the most of them.

Find a Link Provider

You’re ready to find a backlink provider once you create your budget. Countless companies offer services, so you’ll need to do enough research to find a reputable one. Follow the tips below to find a good provider.

Look at the Cost Per Link

The cost per link is the first thing to consider when vetting a backlink service. As mentioned above, you can pay a wide range of prices for backlinks. If you don’t have a large budget, that can limit your options.

Check out how much each link costs on average for options. Try to find a provider that doesn’t cost a fortune but still offers great domain metrics.

Ask About Reporting

Reporting is also important when buying backlinks for a website. Reputable services don’t worry about showing their work to their customers. They do so to prove the work was done correctly.

You can see what reports to expect by checking a company’s website or asking for a sample report. Doing this will tell you the quality of the report and the kinds of metrics a company tracks for websites.

Ask for Sample Websites

Most providers don’t show the websites they post links to in public. Doing this will be a competitive disadvantage. That’s why companies keep their link sources as private as possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t see samples. Ask for an example of the types of links you can expect when buying links from a company.

Check for Reviews

One great thing about backlink services is that they are based on the internet. That means the customers know how to search online for information and talk about their experiences with companies.

You should be able to find plenty of reviews for the major backlinking services. Check these reviews to see how reputable a company is before hiring it.

The last thing you want is to waste money on a company that doesn’t offer excellent links.

Now You Know How to Buy Backlinks

Yes, you can get website traffic when you create great content on your website. The question is, how long will you wait for traffic, and is your website more authoritative than the pages on the front page already?

Buying backlinks is one of the quickest ways to give your website more authority and increase your chances of ranking. Now that you know how to buy backlinks, you have what you need to start getting more web traffic.

Head back to the blog to find more helpful tips that will aid you in growing your website.

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