How to Store Your CBD Vape Pens Properly

Just as CBD began to go mainstream, vaping also started gaining steam. The timing was fortuitous because vaping CBD is a great way to start seeing results from this therapeutic cannabis-based compound quickly without exposing the lungs to the added dangers of smoking.

When CBD users purchase vape pens from a reputable, locally owned and operated online business, they can rest assured that their products are shelf-stable. However, that doesn’t mean that vape juice doesn’t go bad. To prolong the shelf life of vape juice as much as possible, be sure to store the pens properly when they are not in use.

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What Happens When Vape Juice Goes Bad?

Vape juice contains vegetable glycerin, a plant-based product that can spoil if it is exposed to light, heat, or air. When that happens, the vape juice can become discolored, might change in texture, and often develops a sour, rancid smell. This problem is particularly noticeable with fruity-flavored CBD vape juices. 

How to Store Vape Pens and Juice to Avoid Spoilage

The good news is that while vegetable glycerin, and thus vape juice, can spoil, its shelf life can be extended to upwards of one to two years if users store the vape pens properly when they’re not in use. There are three things to avoid when storing a vape pen.

  1. Heat

Exposure to excessive heat can cause vape juice to break down. The problem isn’t just that vegetable glycerin is susceptible to heat degradation, either. The flavors found in vape juice can also break down when exposure to heat, so keep extra pens or juice someplace cool.

  1. Light

Light can also cause vape juice to spoil faster for largely the same reasons. UV light provides heat-like energy that causes unwanted chemical reactions. Keeping vape juice in a dark place is always a good idea even if it’s stored in an opaque bottle.

  1. Air

Exposure to air begins a process known as oxidation, which can also change the chemical composition of vape juice. This isn’t a problem for one-time-use vape pens, but it can be when people use vape juice to refill cartridges.

The Best Place to Store Vape Pens

Arguably the best place to store vape pens and juice when not in use is in the refrigerator. Some people keep their unused supplies in the freezer, but that’s not ideal for products that are likely to be used soon. Placing vape pens and juice in a separate container to keep the pens upright and the juice away from food and beverages is also a good idea. Investing in a case is a good option.

Keep CBD Vape Pens Fresh

Whether CBD enthusiasts use one-time-use vape pens or refillable ones, the vape juice can go bad if it’s not kept in the right conditions. Rancid vape juice tastes and smells quite unpleasant, so it’s easy to tell when juice is spoiled. Storing vape pens in the fridge or another cool, dark place and avoiding exposure to air can prolong their shelf lives significantly.

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