2023 Shoe Trends To Expect: The Styles You’ll See Everywhere

In a country like India, where you have to quite often remove your shoes even at other people’s houses, shoes used to be underrated in terms of their aesthetic needs. Especially for men. Shoes used to be only bought for convenience and used until they were completely worn out before buying a new one. So, comfort trumped style. And then came a time when comfort was compromised for trendiness, to fit in! Times have changed now, and shoes are as important to a perfectly stylish, trendy, and comfy look as your outfit or accessories. However, comfort and style are prioritised simultaneously, and athleisure shoe trends are winning every day. Below are what shoe trends you should expect in 2023 and the styles you will see everywhere so you can pick your favourites and style yourself accordingly.

1. The Grey Running Shoes

Grey is the new black for Generation Hustle, and it is the right decision. Grey gives you a very dynamic yet calm and collected vibe and improves your performance during workouts or confidence during hangouts. So, pair your grey running shoes with light grey joggers, a grey regular-fit t-shirt, and a grey running jacket with reflective elements for a good-looking and safe run in low-light conditions. You could also replace the running jacket with a bomber jacket for your airport look. With grey running sneakers, you will be able to start the year with the right resolutions – to take care of yourself and look good while doing it.

2. Vibrant Training Sneakers

These sneakers are designed to improve your performance with nonslip traction, an incredibly responsive midsole, and breathable uppers. They also offer you a wider, stronger stance giving you a more stable form. So, pair your bright orange and black training sneakers with neon green shorts, a black tank top and a men’s white hoodie. This bold look will rightfully turn heads at your friendly basketball game and make your performance more confident.

3. Low-profile Slip-On Shoes

These shoes are designed to make your walking, running, or standing more comfortable by providing a full range of motion for your ankles. Low-profile shoes allow you more agile movement with your legs, so if you want to look cool and well put-together while achieving your fitness goals or working a high-stress job that is predominantly on your feet, these are the shoes for you. So, pair your black low-profile slip-on sneakers with your semi-formal or casual work outfits like trousers and polo t-shirts or hiking outfits like trackpants and t-shirts with full-zip jackets so you can move comfortably while looking your best any time of the day. The suede leather uppers and the lace-free silhouette of the shoe will enable you to wear them in less casual settings and help you blend in seamlessly.

4. Sneakers with Designs Inspired by Video Games

Video games have been the need of the hour, especially since we have started consuming more vibrant colours and bold patterns through video games and social media, shoes that are inspired by your favourite games like PubG, Minecraft, etc. would be a nice treat and stylish addition to your shoe rack. So, pair your game-inspired shoes with pastel green pants and a white t-shirt with an all-over futuristic print. If you can find matching socks inspired by the same game, your look will be unmissable at tuition, college, a casual day at work, or at a cool work meeting as a freelancer.

5. Clean, White, and Breathable

White shoes are the most stunning shoe rack essentials this season. They complement or contrast most of your already existing wardrobe, so you do not have to start from scratch while styling these. Since most brands are now developing innovative soles and materials to provide more comfort for you, cleaning and maintaining white shoes is not as much of a chore anymore. So, you can pair your breathable white shoes with light blue jeans, a white polo t-shirt, and a sharp grey bomber jacket and click the most instagrammable pictures of your summer vacation abroad. You could also lounge around in your home in a pair of white slides, basic shorts, and a t-shirt. Make the slides your home buddies for comfy movements inside your home or run quick neighbourhood errands in them; you will look and feel great either way.

6. Black Shoes with Suede Leather Uppers

Classic black will always be trending, regardless of the day and age. Suede leather uppers on black shoes provide an unquestionably smart look for cool dinners and busy work days. This look will leave you feeling comfortably stylish and trendy at traditional or religious family functions. So, pair your black shoes with suede leather uppers with your yellow kurta and black churidar or black trousers, a white shirt, and a green bomber jacket. You could also pair these shoes with a traditional monochromatic black look like a black pathani kurta and salwar, depending on your family’s rules around wearing black during religious festivals and traditional events.

7. Red Mid Sneakers for Men

Mid Men’s Sneakers are definitely trending for a cool and cosy look this season. And red seems to be one of the favourite colours to make a bold style statement yet blend into the current trends. So, red mid men’s sneakers will enhance your aesthetic, especially when paired with a white or black bomber jacket. So, look stylish on your late-night bike ride in jeans, a full-sleeved neutral green t-shirt and an off-white bomber jacket. Accessorise with a chest bag to securely carry your belongings with you and yet without hampering your cool and casual aesthetic.

The trendiest shoes online are also comfortable, convenient, and incredibly stylish. So, invest in them confidently. Some shoes will complement most of your outfits so seamlessly that you won’t even have to try to look stylish. In addition, many athleisure brands are investing in recycled materials for their shoes so you can enjoy fashion and comfort with minimal environmental impact so pick your trendy shoes wisely and for your overall health and aesthetic needs

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