Video interview: Should I wear a suit?

The most crucial step that separates you from your dream job is the interview. It is the one that everyone who is looking for a job fears. A job interview is your chance to make a positive first impression on a new employer. The importance of dressing for success during an interview cannot be overstated.

Having received an invitation for an interview, the applicant begins to prepare for it actively. To make sure to include essential points, create an action plan in advance and strictly follow it. Wherever we go, our clothes serve as our business cards. What we wear always emphasizes! When preparing for an interview, our clothes often serve as an introduction. Our clothes tell a story about us from the moment we start a video call.

To impress a potential employer, preparing appropriately for the interview is imperative. You will be given only 20-30 minutes; during this time, you need to show that you are worthy of all other applicants. Therefore, it is essential to think over your wardrobe for the interview to the smallest detail because the appearance should also be in your favor. When hiring an applicant, employers pay attention to how he is dressed. Therefore, employers will favor the one which is neatly dressed and looks neat. After all, by appearance, you can judge what kind of person he is. Here’s some tips by about how to dress up for a video interview.

What to wear for a video interview for a woman?

Jeans and a white shirt. If the company does not have a dress code, do not relax. In any case, you need to come to the interview in more or less decent business attire. Jeans and a white shirt are ideal for such an event.

Blouse with ruffles and loose pants. It is optional to wear tight-fitting outfits. If you are not completely satisfied with your constitution, feel free to wear an outfit with ruffles and frills. No need to limit yourself and literally “squeeze” into a black dress.

Total black. For some reason, many people avoid black, but in vain. An outfit in a dark shade will add mystery to your image. This complete look looks very restrained and concise.

Dress. The dress will be especially appropriate for the warm season. However, it would be best if you chose a midi-length model, that is, up to or below the knees, with a shallow or completely closed neckline. So you will prove that you know the business dress code and how to dress according to the situation. For women who are going to work in sales, a business suit “according to the latest fashion” is allowed at the interview. This indicates that the applicant for the position follows fashion trends, which is essential in this industry. The combination of strict styles and variations with color schemes is a good option for creative people.

A watch is welcome on the wrist – indirect evidence that a person values time and adequately manages the resource. Accessories (earrings, pendants, perhaps a necklace without stones) are taken inconspicuously. If a woman complements the image with jewelry, it should be of high quality, age, and style.

And remember:

before going to the interview, gather as much information as possible about the company’s rules;
neutral colors – beige, blue, black, brown, gray, and white – are best for the interview;
do not wear all your jewelry at the same time;
avoid clothes made of fabrics that can easily wrinkle;
give preference to comfortable shoes;
hair is better to collect or neatly put;
focus on naturalness when choosing makeup.

Dress following the position and expected salary and matching the company. For example, if it is a pop culture magazine editorial office, do not wear a strict suit and trousers. Give up flashy accessories and a pretentious hairstyle. And if you are applying, for example, for the position of an office manager, then the excessive luxury of attire will only be a negative factor.

How to dress for a video interview with a man

Firstly, your hair. Your hair should be neat. Hair recently cut. Fingernails. They should be neatly trimmed and well-groomed, ideally – after a manicure. Face. For some reason, men believe that it is not necessary to shave for a regular interview, but in vain. Experts recommend neatly trimming and styling your beard or clean shaving your face. It all depends on what you prefer.

You can safely choose a plaid shirt. But you should pay attention to its color. It should be calm and pastel. For example, if a tie suits the shirt, you can wear it. But in such interviews, it is not a mandatory element. Remember about your pants. It can be classic jeans or chinos. You can also give preference to jeans. The main thing is that they go well with the shirt.

In some cases, it is allowed to combine a blazer, sports jacket, or vest with a shirt and classic trousers in blue or gray colors. The shirt should be plain or striped, always fresh, preferably new. It is allowed to wear a wedding ring and a watch, but not in a sporty or glamorous style.

How to choose clothes for the interview depending on the position

This factor plays a more critical role than the season of the year when choosing clothes for an interview. It is clear that for the position of the head, as well as for the position of the manager, you should choose the outfit consequently.

But here, you need to analyze everything separately:

1. Managerial positions

A candidate for such a position must show that he has everything in control — a perfectly chosen outfit, hairstyle, etc. For example, a pair of trousers or skirt suit from the latest fashion collection will prove that the applicant is always up to date. You can make a ponytail if the length allows. For short hair, you can create quality styling.

2. Creative professions

Everything should be exactly the opposite – a bright suit, original hairstyle. The applicant should show by his appearance that he is a creative person by nature, and such people, as a rule, do not follow fashion but choose the clothes that seem interesting to them.

3. Office employees

It is essential to show several qualities of the applicant with the help of the outfit:

The presence of his creative streak will allow creatively and quickly solve office problems.
He has severe intentions concerning work.
The experience of working in the office.

In this situation, you can not come to the interview in an expensive suit – this will prove that the applicant is used to spending more than earning. And this means that he may have severe claims about wages.

The best option would be a blouse with one or two pieces of jewelry. Comfortable clothes will show that a person is familiar with office work – and knows that she will not be able to spend the whole working day dressed good-looking but uncomfortable.

What to avoid

Do not wear shorts. The interview is different from the place where you should expose your legs. Colored T-shirts with bright drawings or inscriptions are not the best idea. During the hot weather, it is better to wear a T-shirt – bare shoulders at the interview may indicate ignorance of etiquette.

Don’t wear a sports suit – everyone has a different style of casual clothing. However, if you consider yourself a fan of sports casual style, we advise you to replace the tracksuit with jeans and a T-shirt. The exception can be regarded as future physical education teachers or coaches.

Don’t wear a working uniform – even if you are applying for a position that involves a changeable uniform, it is better to come to the interview in a different outfit.

We do not recommend choosing clothes made of fabrics that wrinkle easily. Then your appearance may be untidy, which will not benefit you during the interview. Save oversized clothes for walks with friends. The outfit for the interview should fit you and look neat.

And remember, the main thing is accuracy. So take care of your outfit in advance to make it look perfect.

How to dress for a successful interview

To summarize, there are four crucial aspects to perfecting your interview attire:

Before you go, make sure you know: find out about the dress code and culture of the company. Imagine what you will wear every day to work.
Dress for the job you are looking for plus one level of formality, according to the “one step up” rule.
Take care of your grooming: plan appropriate clothing according to the level of formality you desire. It should be cleaned and pressed.
Cut your hair, clean your nails and take care of any other minor touches that can take you from “presentable” to “perfect.”

At the end of the interview, remember to thank the employer for his time and attention. Remember that you will have to be in constant contact with this person once you are hired. While waiting for the result of the interview, be patient and emotionally calm. If you have tried and followed all the tips for a successful interview, the answer will undoubtedly be positive.

Use our tips so that your appearance does not fail during the interview. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in choosing the right clothes that will allow a potential employer to appreciate your style.

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