Latest Achievements in Indian Cricket

Cricket is India’s first love when it comes to sporting activities, which makes it no surprise that it is the unofficial national sport of the country. 2022 was a good year in Indian cricket. The cricket team made a lot of achievements, befitting their ranking as perhaps the most outstanding team in the game. We are going to be taking a look at some of those achievements, both big and small.

Want to learn more about this team’s accomplishments? Check out Cricket news India. But before that, here is a little history about the game of cricket and its latest news.

How Cricket Began in India

The game of cricket originated in the late 16th century in southeast England. However, it did not become an established sport in the country till the 18th century.

How did the sport get to India? In 1721, when old monarchies fell and new ones rose, there was an equally prominent event. Merchants from England and France had begun establishing settlements in areas of the country’s coast. And from these settlements, they went about their business of trade.

This year, a British ship came to port in western India on the coasts of Kutch. These sailors, in their free time, were recorded to have played a lot of recreational activities, one of which was cricket. These games caught the attention of the natives, who watched keenly as the British sailors played.

As British rulers replaced the Indian monarchy, their recreational activities also took prominence. It’s safe to say that the game grew among the populace, both with the settlers and the natives alike.

In 1751, the first recorded cricket match in India was the British army against the English settlers (merchants). Afterward, the Calcutta Cricket Club was established. 

Soon, the locals began to play cricket too. After watching the British rulers play the game for so long, it is only natural that the locals would begin to copy the sport, and this is precisely what happened. It began with the Indian army, who were among the first to take on the sport. Soon enough, the civilians joined the fun.

From then on, cricket gained more popularity, and cricket clubs were created. From then until the modern day, cricket has survived the test of time and is striving as a beloved sport in India.

India’s Latest Cricket Achievements

Here are some of the latest achievements:

  1. In 2022, team India played 71 matches. The team won 46 of those matches and lost 21. One of the matches also resulted in a tie, and three were inconclusive. This implies that India’s winning percentage was 64.78% across all areas.
  2. India also played seven tests in 2022. The team won four but lost three. Their winning percentage in this format was 57.14%. India also continues to be in the race for the World Test Championship final.
  3. India played 24 ODIs in 2022, winning 14 and losing 8, while two were No results. Their winning percentage was 58.33%. 
  4. India has also produced the best show in T20Is, playing 40 matches and winning 28. They, however, lost ten games, and one finished in a tie. Team India’s winning percentage in T20Is was 70%.
  5. There was an ODI series loss vs. New Zealand in New Zealand. Hence, India could only reach the semi-finals of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022. 


India’s cricket team has put their cricketing skills out to the world and proved highly efficient. The star performance of their players cannot be overlooked, as this makes them a formidable team. The team has shown prowess worldwide, and with the achievements from 2022, it is only promising that 2023 will be an even better year in Indian Cricket.

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