How to Safely Buy LinkedIn Post Shares Online

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, offers a myriad of opportunities for businesses and professionals to expand their reach and influence. Gaining visibility on the platform is often a key goal, and one method some choose to achieve this is by buying LinkedIn post shares. However, navigating this territory can be tricky, as it comes with potential risks. In this article, we will delve into the strategy of buying LinkedIn shares at SocialPlug, explore the risks and benefits, and provide a comprehensive guide on how to safely navigate this practice.

Introduction to the Power of LinkedIn Post Shares

LinkedIn has emerged as a hub for professionals to connect, share insights, and network. One of the primary goals for users, especially those in the business world, is to expand their reach and gain visibility among their target audience. When a post garners shares, it reaches a broader audience, potentially increasing its credibility and impact.

The strategy of buying LinkedIn post shares has gained traction as a means to jumpstart this visibility and influence. It involves purchasing shares from a service provider who can boost the number of shares on your posts. However, this practice comes with both benefits and potential pitfalls, and safely navigating this landscape is essential.

The Risks of Buying LinkedIn Post Shares

Before delving into the safe practices of buying LinkedIn post shares, it’s vital to understand the potential risks involved:

  • Inauthentic Engagement

When you opt to buy LinkedIn post shares, it’s important to recognize that the individuals sharing your content may not genuinely resonate with it. In other words, these shares may lack the authenticity that organic engagement typically carries. This can result in inauthentic interactions with your content, where the people sharing it may not have a real interest in the subject matter. Such interactions may not bring the desired results, as they are often driven by transactional motives rather than a genuine connection to your content. As a result, your posts may receive likes, comments, or shares, but these interactions lack the depth and value that come from authentic, meaningful engagement.

  • Platform Violations

LinkedIn has established a set of rules and guidelines designed to maintain a professional and trustworthy environment for its users. While the platform encourages engagement and networking, it also has specific rules in place to regulate the behavior of its members. Some methods of buying LinkedIn post shares may inadvertently or deliberately violate these rules. For instance, if the shares are obtained through deceptive or spammy practices, it can constitute a breach of LinkedIn’s terms of service. Violating these rules may result in account suspension, content removal, or other penalties imposed by the platform, which can significantly hinder your LinkedIn experience.

  • Damage to Reputation

One of the most severe risks associated with buying LinkedIn post shares is the potential damage to your reputation and credibility on the platform. LinkedIn is a place for professionals and businesses to connect and collaborate, and trust plays a crucial role in building meaningful relationships. When it becomes apparent to your connections that you’ve resorted to buying shares to inflate your post’s engagement metrics, it can lead to a significant loss of trust. Your connections may view this as an attempt to manipulate your online presence and question the authenticity of your interactions. Distrust can have a long-lasting impact on your reputation, potentially leading to a reduction in engagement and limiting your ability to form genuine connections with other professionals.

The risks of buying LinkedIn post shares extend to the potential for inauthentic engagement, violations of the platform’s rules and guidelines, and damage to your reputation and credibility. These risks emphasize the importance of approaching the practice with caution and adhering to ethical standards to maintain the integrity of your LinkedIn presence. When considering this strategy, it’s essential to weigh the potential drawbacks against the benefits and make an informed decision aligned with your professional goals and values.

The Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Post Shares

Despite the risks, there are potential benefits to buying LinkedIn post shares, which can include:

  • Enhanced Visibility

When you buy LinkedIn post shares, you gain an initial boost in the visibility of your content. This increased visibility occurs because shared posts are more likely to appear in the feeds of the people connected to those who shared them. This initial surge can be highly valuable, as it puts your content in front of a larger audience that you may not have reached through organic means. The improved visibility increases the chances of your content catching the attention of professionals who may find your insights valuable, potentially leading to more organic engagement.

  • Credibility

Posts with a higher number of shares often carry an inherent sense of credibility and reliability. The logic is simple: if others find your content share-worthy, it’s likely because they see value in it. As a result, your posts become more appealing to other LinkedIn users who come across them. The perception of credibility can encourage individuals to engage with your content by liking, commenting, or sharing it themselves. This chain reaction enhances the overall impact and reaches of your posts, as they are seen as trustworthy sources of information or insights.

  • Competitive Advantage

In industries characterized by stiff competition, standing out on LinkedIn can be a considerable challenge. This is where buying shares can provide a competitive advantage. By boosting the visibility and engagement of your posts, you have the opportunity to rise above the noise and establish a stronger presence in your niche. Professionals and businesses that successfully employ this strategy can effectively compete with others vying for the attention of the same audience. It allows you to level the playing field and ensures that your content doesn’t go unnoticed in a crowded online landscape.

Despite the associated risks, buying LinkedIn post shares offers several potential benefits. These benefits include heightened visibility, the perception of credibility, and a competitive edge in industries where making a mark is challenging. However, it’s essential to carefully weigh these advantages against the potential drawbacks and approach this strategy with caution and ethical considerations to maximize its benefits.

Guide to Safely Buying LinkedIn Post Shares

If you choose to buy LinkedIn post shares, it’s crucial to do so safely and ethically. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this practice:

  • Choose Reputable Service Providers

Research and select reputable service providers that specialize in LinkedIn post shares. Look for reviews and recommendations to verify their credibility.

  • Define Clear Objectives

Understand why you’re buying shares. Is it to increase visibility, enhance credibility, or achieve another specific goal? Defining clear objectives will guide your approach.

  • Set a Budget

Determine a budget aligned with your objectives. Avoid overspending, and carefully consider the return on investment.

  • Targeted Shares

Look for services that offer shares from users relevant to your industry or niche. Targeted shares are more likely to bring meaningful engagement.

  • Quality Over Quantity

Rather than focusing solely on the quantity of shares, aim for shares from users with influence and quality connections. Their engagement can have a more significant impact.

  • Balance with Organic Engagement

Use buying shares as part of a broader LinkedIn marketing strategy. Continue to cultivate organic engagement and connections through genuine interactions.


You can buy LinkedIn post shares as a strategy to boost your visibility and influence on the platform. It’s essential to weigh the potential benefits against the risks and to approach this practice with transparency, ethics, and a focus on quality over quantity. When done thoughtfully and as part of a well-rounded LinkedIn marketing strategy, buying shares can be a valuable component of your professional journey on this platform. Remember that genuine engagement and meaningful connections remain at the heart of building a credible and influential presence on LinkedIn.

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