Hair Dryer Attachments: How to Use Them for Salon like Hairstyle?

Using a hair dryer to style the strands is never a cakewalk of 10 minutes. It is a slow transition of styling and going from damp hair to fuller-looking stylish hair locks. If you are expecting salon-like results from your trustworthy hair drying machine without using hair dryer attachments then you might be disappointed. We all adore the freshly blow-dried hair at a salon that stays in place and you can’t resist watching it in front of the mirror. You try the same hairstyle at home using similar hair styling tools but fail miserably! That’s because you are missing out on some important things while blowdrying which is not using hair dryer attachments.

While using a traditional hair dryer, you can only manage to get basic blow-dried hair. However, if you wish to get smooth blow-dried hair with perfect waves, you need to use hair dryer attachments that come in the box. Hair Dryer Attachments are essential for that final touch and once you understand what they are for and how to use them, you can easily get that salon-quality finish you have been craving for. 

Ways to Mastering Usage of Hair Dryer Attachments

Concentrator Nozzles 

Concentrator nozzles are included in the hair dryer attachments for a reason- they allow us to work smarter not harder! The use of a concentrator nozzle is to change the flow of air coming out of the hair drying machine. As the name suggests, the use of a concentrator is to focus the direction of airflow on specific areas of the hair. It makes it possible to dry specific sections at a single time. VEGA Style Pro 1600W Hair Dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle to help you achieve the desired hairstyling experience. To style your hair using the nozzle attachments, take a round hair brush over the hair and direct the attachment from roots to ends for a frizz-free blowout. 


Using a diffuser attachment is ideal for curly or wavy hair types as it can help to keep the natural curl pattern and distribute the air evenly on the hair instead of targeting one specific region. If you have a coily hair pattern and juggling with the problem of frizziness then this attachment is for you! While using the diffuser attachment, it retains the natural curl pattern of the hair and dries the hair smoothly, giving more volume and improved definition to the strands.


The use of pick attachments in a hair dryer for women is to create volume and lift in flat-looking hair. A lot of hair dryers come with different pick attachments of different sizes and shapes, for short and long hair respectively. The best way to use this attachment is to position the hair dryer pick at the roots of the hair and dry the hair with a slight lifting motion. Much like gently tugging the hair up with the fingers helps to create volume; a hair pick does the same by creating more volume and offering better hold. 


Styling attachments in the latest addition to the hair dryer resemble hair brushes with boar bristles and combs with fine or wide teeth that give a smoother and shinier finish. Simply run these hair dryer attachments through the hair, gliding smoothly like a hairbrush, and get the perfect finish you have been wanting. 

Styling Tips While Using a Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer offers a quick and instant way to dry wet hair. However, if not used in the right setting mode, it can also leave the hair dry and frizzy. Hence to prevent this mishap, blow dry the hair from the roots to the ends. 
Before drying the damp hair, allow it to dry naturally and make hair sections to style them smoothly, and avoiding tugging and pulling. 
After blow drying, use the cool shot button to retain the look of blow-dry so that it can last long for more time and stays locked. 
Apply a heat protectant before using the hair dryer to save the damp hair from damage from overheating. 


Nothing is as fabulous as a salon-like blow dry. However, to amp up this hair look, you need to know the right blow drying tips to keep your strands healthy and safe while looking voluminous and smooth. Refer to this styling guide for the correct blow drying techniques if you are buying hair dryer online.