Salesforce Testing: Everything There Is To Know

Salesforce automation testing is an amalgamation of configuration testing of the admin module and code customization. To ensure that any changes made on the website’s administration panel are reflected in the website itself, test engineers conduct tests on both the administration panel and the website itself. To know more about this technology you can undergo a salesforce course offered by Intellipaat.

Any of the following modifications should be evaluated locally before being released since doing so will reveal bugs, issues, and opportunities for improvement.

Assimilation shifts
Modifications to the website’s structure.
Expansion of available Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints
Marketing Department Releases New Ad Campaign

Best Methods for Testing in Salesforce

While many have already determined which areas should be tested and when this article will detail some testing best practices for Salesforce. Many of these hints apply to software testing in general, while others are tailored specifically to Salesforce.

A Solid Test Plan and Methodology

Since numerous components and mission-critical business processes are involved in Salesforce testing, a well-thought-out test strategy and test preparation are essential. During this phase, you’ll establish your broad goals, identify your various stakeholders, and determine their roles. You should also record the test’s entry and exit criteria, as well as the various testing stages and tools you plan to utilise.

Test Environment Integration

When working on a testing project, it is essential to have a fully integrated test environment, particularly when dealing with complex systems like eCommerce apps. Microservices from several payment providers, fulfilment partners, delivery partners, and others are just some of the many systems that have been linked to Salesforce’s platform.

These systems need to be connected so that effective integration testing may be done in real-world circumstances, such as on production, to adequately test business-critical functionalities.

When performed at the appropriate point in development, thorough integration testing may be rather expensive. But if problems are found in production, for example, it will be very costly to correct them.

Scripts for Automated Testing

The time spent testing may be significantly reduced by automating business operations in Salesforce, such as the checkout and order fulfilment cycle. Keep an eye on test flakiness, however.

Automated functional testing may be executed with the help of test automation technologies like Selenium, Provar, Leap Work, UFT, and Cypress.

Several API endpoint types are available in Salesforce and may be made available for automated testing. Postman, REST-Assured, and Soap UI are just a few of the automated API endpoint technologies available.

Wrapping Up

The quality of your Salesforce releases may be greatly enhanced with careful testing and automated testing. One of the most important parts of being successful is getting started on a modest scale and paying attention to the details of your company, test effort/risk ratios, current tools, and existing personnel. Put everything into its proper context.

You may find a wealth of information to assist with Opkey, you begin using Salesforce or advance in your current quality management efforts. You can always rely on the thousands of helpful people in the Salesforce community, as well as the many suppliers and system integrators that support Salesforce.

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