Top Choices for Obtaining a Credit Card Without Income

Top Choices for Obtaining a Credit Card Without Income

Life without a steady income can make obtaining a credit card tricky. However, having access to credit can be invaluable when you need to make purchases but need immediate funds. The good news is that there are still options for getting approved for credit cards without income.

This post will explore some top choices for individuals applying for a credit card online without submitting income proof.

Secured Credit Cards

A secured credit card is one of the best options for obtaining a credit card without income. With this card, you make a refundable Fixed Deposit (FD) as your credit limit. The deposit amount is equal to your credit limit.

Some of the best-secured cards in India include:

OneCard Credit Card
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
Axis Bank Secure Credit Card
SBI Secure Credit Card

Secured cards tend to have lower eligibility criteria regarding income. You have a good chance of approval if you can afford the deposit. Make small purchases and pay your monthly bill on time to build credit.

Credit Cards for Students

College students usually don’t have full-time jobs or regular income streams. Luckily, Students with a minimum age of 18 or above can also apply for credit cards with relaxed eligibility requirements, compared to banks or most credit card institutions that do not have lenient eligibility. These cards have modest credit limits but allow students to establish a credit history.

Here are some student credit cards worth considering:

OneCard Credit Card
ICICI Bank Student Credit Card
IDBI Bank Student Credit Card


Cards for Homemakers

Homemakers play an invaluable role in household management. However, they don’t receive a conventional income. Thankfully, many card providers understand the scenario of homemakers and offer cards tailored to their needs.

OneCard Credit Card
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card
Bank of Baroda Ladies Credit Card
Canara HSBC Oxygen Credit Card

To qualify, you’ll need to provide proof of identity and address. Some banks may require documents showing your spouse’s income. Only apply for a limit you can pay back comfortably based on household expenses.

Add-On Cards

Another option is applying for an add-on credit card under your spouse’s account. Most card providers allow add-on cards for close family members without needing separate income proof. The credit limit gets shared with the primary cardholder. Add-on cards also help homemakers and non-earning dependents build credit.

Some popular add-on cards include:

OneCard Credit Card
HSBC Add-On Card
Axis Bank Add-On Card

Make sure your spouse has a good credit score and payment record. Avoid maxing out the shared limit to prevent impacting their credit utilisation.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a credit card without formal income is possible in India. Options like secured cards, student cards, and add-ons make it easier to apply online and get approved.

Start small, use the card responsibly, and pay bills on time. It will help build your credit score over time, qualify for higher limits, and access other credit products.

With some smart planning, you can establish a credit history and reap the benefits of credit cards even without a steady job or income stream.

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