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EarnViews: 6 Essential Rules That Every Instagram User Should Know

Instagram is one of the vital visual platforms where users capture, customize, and share content with like-minded people. Not just individual users but also businesses utilize this versatile application to accomplish their diverse goals.


The reason is that Instagram is a great platform to garner more engagement than any other social media. From organic posts to paid advertising, there are many aspects that you can leverage to enhance your success rate. Moreover, you can use social media services to strengthen your presence legitimately. For instance, if you buy instagram impressions, your post will appear in front of many more users than ever before. Still, there are many perks that you can reap right here. 


Though it is an entertaining platform, there are certain limitations and guidelines to follow. For example, breaking the rules at any instant may lead to account suspension or ban. So, if you want to secure your profile from any mishappenings and make the most out of it, read this article till the end. 


Rules You Need to Know Before Investing Your Time & Effort on Instagram 


#1 Violating Instagram Rules 


Not only Instagram and all social media platforms have different rules and regulations. You might have seen Terms & Conditions while creating your account. However, most people skip reading and click on the sign-up button. 


But it is recommended to go through the given instructions to get an overall understanding. Whether you are an individual user or a brand, it is necessary to learn the basic rules and stick to them. Otherwise, your efforts may go in vain even if you unknowingly fail to comply with the rules. 


#2 Adding Banned Hashtags 


A hashtag is one of the crucial factors, especially when it comes to Instagram. But it doesn’t mean that you can include any tags that relate to your content. On Instagram, there are a set of hashtags that are restricted to use. So in case, if you add those banned hashtags to your content, your profile may be at risk for violating Instagram Community Guidelines. 


So, spend time to know what to use and what not to. This way, you can protect your account from getting shadowbanned or suspended by Instagram. Whenever you want to include hashtags, move to the search bar and enter it to know their presence. Use only those with good posts and skip the ones that don’t appear there. Besides, try out EarnViews to increase visibility and get featured on Instagram in a legitimate way. 

#3 Stay Away from Spam / Forbidden Content


It is a common thought that social media is a place where people share rumors or misinformation. This makes applications like Instagram prohibit people from posting the specific type of content. You should avoid posting such content in any form, like text, image, video, or anything that negatively impacts audiences. Some of the prohibited content that you should not post on Instagram are 


  • Content about the sale of animals
  • Content that provokes violence or adultery
  • Content to blackmail, threaten or harass someone
  • Content about the selling of alcohol, drugs, or weed
  • Sharing confidential information about the army or military.
  • Spreading content related to politics or political parties.
  • Posting content that invites people to online gambling.


Apart from these, you should not send sales-related content that spams other users. Since they have rights to Report account, your profile may be restricted to use further. 


#4 Don’t Just Copy Other’s Content


There are few people who want to reap the benefits of Instagram but are not ready to create content on their own. Such persons copy other creators’ content and post it on their profiles. Do you think these tactics will bring you good results? No! If the respective owner finds out the copied content, there are more chances to get reported. Instead, you shall reach out to the profile manager and ask permission to repost before posting. This way, you can avoid copyright issues and safeguard your profile. Instead of copying content, take advantage of EarnViews to enhance the reach of your content and garner more engagement in a short while. 


#5 Never Use Bot or Behave Like It 


Instagram is completely meant for human connections and interactions. These days, few users invest in a bot to automate many processes and focus on other works. A notable fact is that this smart application could recognize the usage of the bot and bot-like activities. So please keep away from the thought of using the bot to grow your Instagram account or behave similarly to it. Here are some of the common behaviors that may affect your account are, 


  • Sharing more than 60 comments in an hour.
  • Giving likes to more than 300 posts in an hour.
  • Posting the same content in various posts.
  • Sharing images or videos that are prohibited from use. 
  • Tagging people who are irrelevant to your post or profile
  • Sending unwanted messages to random people.
  • Following and unfollowing more than 60 people in an hour.
  • Sharing images or videos with low-quality or less resolution. 


Keep all these aspects in your mind while working on Instagram. Also, be conscious about what you post, how many times you post, and does it affect your profile growth in any way.


#6 Using Unauthorized Third-Party Apps 


Many Creators, Influencers, and business marketers opt to use third-party tools to ease the routine tasks involved in Instagram. Do you also prefer using tools? Fine! Using advanced tools is not a problem. But the applications you choose should be trusted and not restricted ones. 


Social media experts advise going with in-app features for most of the processes. And pick third-party only when it is necessary. In this way, you may protect your profile from the breach and ensure a long-term journey on Instagram. 


The End Line 


Hope now you are aware of the basic Instagram rules that you need to follow. Also, you have learned how those content will reflect in your account. So, don’t be careless! Know the rules before entering the Instagram game and win it like a pro. Are you ready to keep your profile safe and secure with the above-given guidelines? That’s great. Keep going! 

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