El Primo Brawl Stars Guide

What is going on? Brawl Stars fans! Looking for a Brawl Stars brawler to easily reach level 30? I’ve got the right brawler for you.

In this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about El Primo, starting from his abilities or attacks to how to build him. I will also mention a couple of tips about this Brawl Stars brawler so keep reading to find out!

El Primo Brawl Stars is a high-health and high-damage-dealing brawler in the game. He has a very small attack range; however, his movement speed and mobility-focused abilities will make up for it.

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El Primo’s Abilities

Fists of Fury: This is your basic attack; activate this ability to quickly fire a flurry of 4 punches in a very short range. This attack has a really low cooldown, allowing you to constantly spam it.

Flying Elbow Drop: This is El Primo’s super ability. Activate this ability to jump high in the air and land at your desired location. You deal damage, destroy obstacles and also knock the enemies wherever you’ve landed.

When in the air, you’re immune to all types of damage. This is a great initiation or escape ability.

El Primo’s Gadgets

Suplex Supplement: Grab the closest enemy and hurl them over the obstacles. This gadget will stun the enemy, but keep in mind that it will temporarily stop your movement. This is also called the “Yeet” gadget.

Asteroid Belt: His second gadget allows him to call upon a small meteor that does 3040 damage. This will knock the enemies and also destroy obstacles.

El Primo’s Star Powers

El Fuego: Activate this star power to set your enemies on fire whenever you damage them with your super ability. It will further add burn damage of 1786 to your enemies. Burn deals damage per second, so 447 for every second for 4 seconds in total.

Meteor Rush: This allows you to have increased movement speed after you land using your super. A very straightforward gadget that increases your movement speed.

EL Primo’s Hypercharge

Gravity Leap: Active this and El Primo’s super works something similar to that of a magnet after landing and hitting enemies around him. He pulls enemies around him and any invisible or hidden enemies will be revealed. El Primo also gains a 25% speed and shield boost while also gaining a 5% damage boost.

The best El Primo build in Brawl Stars

Now much for the much-awaited build for El Primo!

Gadget: For gadgets, I recommend you go with the Suplex Supplement. It is a no-brainer that El Primo is effective at close-range combat; this gadget goes hand-in-hand with his playstyle and will make him much stronger.

Star Powers: Go with El Fuego as the Star Power. It is a really good power option that you cannot ignore. The second-star power is decent too, but you already have decent enough movement speed and El Fuego in general is a much better option.

Gears: For gears, go with speed gear and shield gear. These gears compliment your natural ability to move fast and increase your overall tankiness.

El Primo Brawl Stars is good at Solo Showdown and my favourite map is Skull Creek. Avoid picking him up on open maps. Brawlers like Shelly heavily counter him.

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