Carrom Board Guide: How to Play Carrom, Basic Rules, Tips & Tricks

Carrom is a tabletop game that originated in the Indian subcontinent. The game involves flicking disks, known as carrom men, with a striker onto a board with four pockets at the corners. The carrom board rule aims to pocket all carrom men and the queen before the opponent does so.

How to Play Carrom Game?

Remember playing the carrom game in your childhood? It always had a square board with a smooth surface, usually made of plywood or a similar material. The board has four pockets, one at each corner, and lines are drawn on the board to mark the playing area.

Each player has a set of carrom men, which are small round disks made of wood or plastic. The game also includes a striker to flick the Carrom men across the board.

According to carrom board rules to start the game, the carrom men are arranged in a specific pattern in the center of the board. The player who gets the first turn strikes the striker to hit their carrom men towards the pockets.

The basic carrom board rules require players to strike the striker with one hand while holding the wrist with the other. The player must aim to pocket their carrom men while avoiding pocketing their opponent’s carrom men.

If you pocket one of their carrom men, they get another turn. If a player pockets the queen, they must also go for one of their carrom men on their next turn, or they lose the queen and should return it to the center of the board.

The scoring system of Carrom involves assigning points to each pocketed Carrom man.

The red carrom men are worth five points, while you get 10 points each while pocketing others.

The queen is worth 25 points. Thus, you earn 25 bonus points by pocketing her.

The player who pockets all their carrom men and the queen first, or has the highest score pocketing all men, wins the game.

Tips and Tricks to Win Your Carrom Game

Master the basic shots: Carrom is all about controlling the striker and hitting the right coins.

Start by mastering basic shots, such as the straight, bank, and rebound shots.

Practice regularly: Continuously practicing is essential to improve your skills and accuracy. Set aside some time every day to practice and hone your skills.

Recognize the regulations: It is essential to understand the game’s rules to play well. Learn the Carrom rules and how to apply them. It will give you an advantage to better.

Make your plans: Carrom needs quick thinking and intelligent strategy. Plan to beat your opponents. Plan your strategy.

Keep calm: The key to winning at Carrom is patience. Learn to wait for the perfect opportunities to present themselves and take your time.

Additional Advice and Techniques:

Blockade: This strategy entails positioning your coins such that it is challenging for the other player to hit the target coins. A well-placed barrier might give you the upper hand by causing your adversary to alter their approach.

When your opponent has put their coin close to a pocket, you can use your striker to block the pocket and keep them from scoring.

We can call it pocket guarding. It ensures that you trick your opponent into changing their approach while gaining opportunities for yourself.

Counterattack: Attack your opponent’s coin when they are leaving an opening. They will not get a chance to score, while you will gain an advantage.

Why Play Online When You Can Play It With The Actual Board?

Good question. But we have more than one answer to it. Let us see them once:

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