12 Essential Accessories Every Van Owner Needs

Did you know that the van market was worth USD 152.57 billion in 2022?

We all know the versatility of vans. The top-selling specialty vehicles are used for traveling, working, hauling, and adventure. Because of this, van owners need to think about all the things they can fit inside their cargo and what they will use their vans for.

From van covers to cargo organizers, many van accessories are well worth the investment for your lifestyle.

Would you like a list? We can help! Let’s take a closer look at the must-have accessories for a van. Read on!

  1. Skid Plates

Skid plates protect the undercarriage of van parts from rocks, debris, and other hazards. This is particularly important for vans that are off-roading as they give an extra level of protection from tough terrain.

A skid plate shields the vital components of the van, including the oil pan, transmission, and transfer case. They also reinforce the van’s frame, helping to protect against frame damage. This increases the van’s longevity.

Skid plates provide a surface that is more resistant to abrasion than painted sheet metal. This gives drivers extra reassurance when conditions are unpredictable.

They also provide an all-important separation between the van’s tires and the ground. This increases traction and helps to avoid skidding.

So if you are planning for an adventure van conversion, invest in the skid plates. These types of accessories make the van safer for all passengers and allow for more enjoyable off-road trips.

  1. Tool Kits

A tool kit has all the necessary tools and accessories that allow for minor repairs and maintenance of the van. This should include wrenches, sockets, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, utility knives, drill bit sets, and other hand tools.

A well-equipped tool kit can save a van owner time, energy, and money when repairing an issue. The tools can help diagnose an issue quickly, and you will have the right tools to fix it. It will minimize the need to borrow or purchase additional tools for the job.

Keep your tool kit up to date with new tools. This allows you to fix more complex issues without worrying about not having the right tool. Also, keep your tool kit protected, such as in a bag or a plastic case, to avoid corrosion or damage to the other tools.

  1. Roof Racks

A roof rack provides additional storage space for items that are too large to fit inside the van. They offer extra protection against the elements for all your gear, as well as increased visibility for drivers.

Roof racks are indispensable exterior van accessories for owners who want to take full advantage of their hauling abilities. There are several types of racks for vans, each with its beneficial features:

Cargo Basket

Cargo Basket roof racks consist of an open platform constructed from heavy-gauge steel wire. The platform sits on heavy-duty cross bars and is secured with industrial-grade mounting hardware.

A cargo basket allows you to carry heavier items like furniture, camping equipment, and sports gear on the roof of your van. They come with several tie-down points for added stability when traveling. They are also resistant to rust and are lightweight.

Platform Racks

Platform racks allow for a secure mounting of several skis, kayaks, bikes, surfboards, ladders, and other heavy, bulky items. These racks provide a high level of security and protection for your items, helping to ensure that they remain intact while in transit. 

There are several types of platform racks available to choose from, including bar type, tray type, and space-saving j-racks. 

Bar-Style Rack

The most common type of roof rack is the bar-style rack, which consists of a crossbar installed between two side rails. This style of rack offers support for bike racks, cargo boxes, canoe and kayak holders, and rooftop tents. These racks are sturdy and secure, allowing for optimum safety while transporting your cargo.

Bar-style racks have a convenient “lock and leave” feature so you can securely store items on your roof with peace of mind. They come with anti-corrosive paint and are available in aluminum, steel, and fiberglass types.

  1. Car Chillers

Car chillers are interior van accessories that keep food and drink cool on warm days when air conditioning isn’t an option. Without a car chiller, it would be impossible to enjoy cold drinks now and then without having to take the vehicle to a station to get it re-cooled.

It is significant to keep food and drinks fresh in hot weather. When it is hot outside, bacteria breed faster and are more likely to spoil the food and drinks.

Car chillers are easy to install and need very little maintenance. They help to reduce the amount of energy used in air conditioning thanks to their thermoelectric technology.

  1. First Aid Kits

Have a good quality first aid kit in your vehicle. By having these van life essentials, you will be prepared for any minor accidents or injuries that may happen while you are out on the road. Not only is it necessary in cases of spontaneous health problems, but it also provides a sense of reassurance while traveling.

A well-stocked first aid kit should contain items such as bandages, adhesive tapes, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, cold and hot compressors, wound dressings, pain relief medication, and scissors. Having this kit on board can help you take the necessary steps. This ensures the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road if an emergency arises.

  1. Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are cool van accessories that provide an extra layer of security for your van, whether stationary or in motion. An alarm system gives you peace of mind knowing they can easily detect attempted break-ins.

This will alert the van owner as soon as any unauthorized entry has been attempted. This allows you to take the necessary measures to keep your van and its contents safe.

The alarm system will sound a loud siren triggered by either the vehicle movement or the opening of windows and doors. This serves as a loud warning to potential wrongdoers and can deter them from theft or vandalism.

Also, you can pair an alarm system with other security devices, such as motion sensors and cameras, to create an even more secure environment, and the initial cost of the system is cost-effective.

Alarm systems are relatively simple to install and require minimal maintenance. They can be connected to a smartphone, allowing for easy monitoring in case of suspicious activity.

  1. Portable Toilets

Not only portable toilet is convenient to have in a van to avoid long trips to a restroom, but it can also be essential in an emergency. It can provide a safe place for a person with medical issues to handle their bodily functions and can be an invaluable aid when traveling in remote locations.

In addition, it can provide relief for travelers who don’t want to rely solely on public facilities. Having a portable toilet can also reduce the risk of germs spreading while at campgrounds or on other camping trips, making it a must-have for a van owner. 

  1. Dash Cameras

Dash cameras allow the driver to monitor the surrounding environment while driving. They provide wide-angle coverage, so they can capture footage on both sides of the vehicle. This allows the driver to have a clear vision of the surrounding without relying on mirrors.

Dash cameras offer other benefits, including recording audio and video of the trip. This ensures that if there are any issues on the road, use the footage to help resolve minor disputes.

You can record and use accidents to support insurance claims. It offers a layer of safety for vans and their occupants by recording rear impacts. This can help deter major damage costs due to a rear-end collision, as you can review these incidents and the evidence used to determine fault and responsibility.

In addition, dash cameras can deter potential criminals from stealing from cargo, as evidence of the crime can be obtained and submitted when the crime is reported.

  1. Fire Extinguishers

It is crucial to have a fire extinguisher because van interiors consist of many combustible materials, such as upholstery and carpeting. They are cost-effective safety items that have the potential to save lives.

They are lightweight and stored in a small space. So they can be easily installed without alteration or modifications.

Having a fire extinguisher can ensure that the van has adequate protection from any flammable materials that may ignite during a trip. They can put out a fire before it gets out of control, saving lives and property. You should maintain and place it in a reachable spot in the van in case of an emergency.

The fire extinguisher must be as close as possible to potential fire hazards so that you can use it quickly. Furthermore, check fire extinguishers regularly to make sure they are working properly. It is crucial to be sure that the extinguisher is of the right type and size and that you know how to use it correctly.

  1. Universal Adapters

Every van owner needs a universal adapter for their power and electronics. This versatile adapter provides a convenient solution for powering laptops, TVs, DVD players, and other electronics. It also includes two USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other small devices.

Having a universal adapter is convenient for van owners as it allows access to power in remote locations. Most adapters come with surge protection which safeguards electronics from power surges and spikes. With a universal adapter, there is no need for continually switching compatible adapters and remembering different settings.

  1. GPS-Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems allow owners to track and monitor their vehicles in transit. This feature is helpful for businesses with fleets of vans who need to track the progress of deliveries. It can provide information such as location, speed, and route taken, which is vital for maintaining safety standards and efficiently managing businesses.

GPS tracking systems are beneficial for you, as you can use them to locate a stolen or lost vehicle. You can link the system to an app that helps you to keep track of the vehicle’s route and its daily activities. This helps you to detect suspicious behavior or deviations from the planned route and alert the authorities or recover the vehicle before any harm is done.

Van owners can also benefit from utilizing a GPS tracking system with insurance companies. These advanced safety systems can help to lower insurance costs, as many understand the value of an active monitoring system and are willing to offer lower premiums.

  1. Protective Films and Covers

Every van owner needs protective films and covers to protect their van and investment. They provide an added layer of protection against environmental factors, such as direct sunlight, dirt, rocks, and other debris. These covers help keep the van’s exterior free from dents and scratches, and it also helps keep the exterior looking newer and more vibrant for longer.

Without protective films and covers, the paint on the van would be exposed to constant and damaging environmental conditions, which could lead to fading, peeling, and oxidation over time. This can help reduce the need for more costly repairs, such as repainting and replacing the body of the van.

Such films also provide insulation, helping to keep the interior of the van at a more comfortable temperature. It can also help protect the interior from sun and water damage and reduce fading of the upholstery.

Furthermore, with the films and covers, you can customize the look of your van, adding aesthetic appeal. With the variety of choices available, you can choose the film or cover that best suits your needs.

Invest in These Essential Accessories for a Van Today

Van owners should always make sure their vehicle is properly equipped with essential accessories. You can invest in skid plates, tool kits, roof racks, car chillers, first aid kits, alarm systems, portable toilets, dash cams, fire extinguishers, universal adapters, GPS, and protective films and covers.

No matter how long you will be on the road, the right accessories will make your travels more enjoyable. Invest in these essential accessories for a van today, and be prepared for any adventure.

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