Top Winter Driving Tips To Prevent Traffic Collision

The Winter season is a perfect time for holidays. And, what could be better than sighting snowfall on a chilly winter morning with a plan to head out for a long drive enjoying a hot cup of tea? Whilst this sounds highly thrilling and exciting, you need to be very careful while you drive in such extreme weather conditions. 

Snowy holidays and long drives during winters are a risky combination, and thus you need to be very careful while being behind the wheels. Also, even if you are not out for spending holidays at a snowy destination but reside in a city where winter unfurls itself with a full swag; you need to be highly cautious while you step out of the house for a drive even to cater to a basic need.

Want to know how to keep safe and avoid winter-related collisions in inclement weather conditions? Here we list down a few winter driving tips that you should essentially follow for driving safe during adverse weather conditions: 

Stick to one lane driving

Driving in winters can be challenging, especially when you live in a city that witnesses snow and fog during the season. Thus being behind the wheels and switching lanes every now and then can be pretty dangerous with greasy and snowy roads on your way. 

Sticking to a single lane during winter weather conditions wherein you often find yourself fighting visibility issues is a safe bet. Also, when you change lanes all of a sudden, you may startle other drivers behind you and force them to take a quick decision due to a short reaction time. And, at times, quick decisions can go wrong, resulting in accidents and collisions.

So, abstain from changing lanes, and even if you have to change, give a proper indication to the drivers behind you and change the lane slowly. Also, avoid overtaking and accelerating aggressively on slippery roads during winters because you never know that the slightest mistake can end up in unexpected mishaps. 

Further, such an event is followed by injuries, pain, medical aid, and the task of hunting for expert Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to fight your case for compensation. So, be mindful of this safety tip and cut back on the chances of being a victim of a car collision. 

Use indicators

Your cars are studded with fancy lights all around, but they are not just to spruce up the exteriors of your car, but they are there for a good reason. Especially during the winter season, these lights play an important role in guiding your path and give indications to other drivers around you. 

While you drive your way on a cold chilly winter day, make sure that you follow all the traffic rules and use the directional indicators whenever you take a right or left turn. Furthermore, if you are driving at a place with extremely low visibility, keep the indicators blinking all the time. 

This is advised so that people around you can sense the presence of your vehicle and maintain a safe distance to prevent a collision.

Defrost your windows and windshields

One of the major setbacks of driving in winters is that your windows and windshields get frosty very soon due to the climatic conditions. This can make it highly challenging for you to drive talking in terms of visibility. 

The only way to enhance visibility and stay safe in such a scenario is by clearing the windows in regular intervals to prevent fogging up of windows that can hinder visibility and make you prone to encounter an accident.

Also, make sure that you do not create a smudgy mess while wiping out the fog with your hands. Always use a dry and smooth cloth for the same and go in for fresh air to play the hack to clear the fog naturally. For this, you can consider opening the windows for a few seconds that will aid in clearing the foggy windows; you can also turn on the blower for the same purpose.

Do not speed up

A cold winter morning coupled with snowfall is a pleasant sight for many and can give you those cheerful vibes from within. Further, it can force you to switch on the music speed at high volume and speed up to enjoy a drive. 

But this is a sure shot ‘no’ if you want to be safe and save yourself from seeking help from Derek L. Hall, PC lawyers, to fight for compensation after encountering an accident.

Never speed up despite all your instincts of enjoying and experiencing the thrills of a long drive. Winter seasons witnesses’ slippery roads, and speeding up can make you lose control over the wheels when you have to apply brakes all of a sudden and may eventually end up in accidents. 

Make sure that you keep an eye on your speed despite your mood because greasy and slippery roads are a strict no for speeding. When you drive slowly, you get enough reaction time to control your vehicle in case a vehicle pops up in front of you all of a sudden and saves you from unexpected surprises.

Keep a check on tires

Prep your car before the winter season knocks on your door. By saying prepping up, we do not simply mean a car wash. Though it is one of the basic things to start with, get your car serviced before the winter marks its arrival and pay special attention to its wheels and tires. 

Ensure that your car tires are not worn and that your car is equipped with the right set of wheelies to drive you back home sound and safe. Winters are accompanied by slimy roads, and thus your car tires should be in a state to provide enough traction required during the season that witnesses snowy and slippery roads. 


Driving in winters can prove to be tricky, but by amplifying road safety measures, you can surely make winter driving easy and less complicated. All you need is a sane and cautious mind that provokes you to drive safely. 

After all, precaution is better than cure, and by being careful while driving, you can save lives. So, with winters swaying with full flair, make sure you practice all the safety protocols mentioned above to keep yourself and your family safe while you drive your way. 

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