The Importance of Demo Classes Especially in E-learning Practices 


With the emerging fear of Omicron spread, one thing has become evident that online teaching is the only way forward not to let the pandemic affect the country’s education system in any way. Pandemic has also once again proved to us how evolving humans have become. The transition from traditional to digital methods only took some time and was confirmed to be fruitful, which is pretty evident about the need for such practices and revolutionaries world. However, in the beginning, it was not very smooth, and some hurdles were there in adopting modern technology into all parts of the country. Still, with time and efforts from the government and leading educational technology companies, it became much more accessible and accepted.

Students from different grades from primary to secondary prefer online teaching over offline in-person. The vast success of e-learning can be easily seen by the growth rate of leading companies in India, many well-renowned names in the online education industry.

The plethora of students from all across the globe has chosen online teaching had taken somewhere around one school course through an online platform. Online learning is currently the best way to keep the education sector working and progressing effectively and efficiently while the pandemic threatens other sectors. It has overall rolled out a colossal improvement in the framework and opened incredible opportunities for students who find this mode of learning pretty affordable and beneficial at the same time. 

What exactly is a demo class? And why exactly is everyone told to have it once before taking up any course on online educational apps or platforms?

A demo class or demo session is precisely like your class when an individual student gets enrolled in a course and tells you everything about your educator or the benefits you will get after enrolling yourself in the course. 

The purpose of the demo class is to check whether you can understand the concepts from the course or not and if you are comfortable with the educator and teaching pattern before deciding anything else. 

Educators, in fact, also have to give or submit Demo sessions as an interview which again has the purpose of checking whether the educator has the potential to engage students with their teaching abilities or not. It’s more like the dress rehearsal before the gig. 

When an educator delivers their demo class and an interview process for further selection into the educational technology firm or company as a tutor, there will be a person or student who will be there on the other side of the webcam for your lesson. Sometimes students from higher grades are involved in the process, who understand the concept pretty much and could evaluate the educator’s performance and thus give their valuable feedback for the Human Resources Department of that company, which is responsible for a complete evaluation of the demo class.

Importance of attending a demo session for students as well as the educators

Attending demo classes is highly important for students as through these classes-

  • It becomes easy for the students to know their teachers well to continue learning from them. 
  • Similarly, it is suitable for the counterpart where the teacher or educator will become more aware of the learning needs of modern generation students and could follow up and improve themselves accordingly. 


Therefore, online demo sessions also are feasible, affordable, and efficient for both sides, be it the educator or the students’ side. With the Advancement in modern technology and incorporation of tools like learning management systems and Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) tools, it has become much easier to handle everything on one platform. 

Students are looking out for quality and affordability these days in the educational methods they will be adopting these days. Therefore, various edu-tech companies or firms need to buck up and come each day with something new and very innovative. 

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