Nailed It: 5 Benefits of Dabbing

Over the past decade, the use and acceptance of herb as reached an all-time high. With so many people discovering the benefits, it’s no wonder there are now endless ways to enjoy ganja. One of the most popular is dabbing. Although the art of dabbing might seem more complicated than simply sparking up a joint, there’s a good reason to try it for yourself.

Ready to delve into the world of dabbing? Here are five benefits of the newest consumption method.

First, what is dabbing?

Before learning about the many advantages of dabbing, you might be asking what dabs are in the first place. Dabbing is a process of heating concentrates to high temperatures until they evaporate. You’ll need a sleek dab rig, like those from MJ Arsenal, and a trusty dab nail that can withstand extreme heat. After heating the nail with a torch, you simply load a pin-sized amount of dab onto the surface and inhale the flavorful vapor that follows.

Highly potent

Dabs are a highly concentrated form of herb. Dried flower contains an average of 15% THC. On the other hand, wax concentrate can have as much as 90%. The increased strength of dabs means you’ll have a more satisfying experience. You also won’t need to use as much dab to reach a high, so you’ll save money in the long run.

Super flavorful

Dab manufacturers pride themselves on making concentrate that is loaded with delicious terpenes. They can even isolate specific flavors to produce curated strains. One hit of a vaporized dab offers a complex flavor profile and allows you to fully appreciate herb in all its glory. You can also control the temperature of your dabs to maximize flavor. Low-temperature dabs, for example, are perfect for showcasing nuanced terpenes.

More pure

Dried herb often contains harmful contaminants like dust or other particles. If inhaled, they can cause irreversible damage to the lungs and are generally painful in the throat. Dabs contain zero plant matter, so they are much less likely to have toxic carcinogens. Inhaling pure dabs promises a smooth and enjoyable hit every time.


One of the unsung benefits of dabs is that they are smokeless. Unlike sparking a joint, which involves combustion, dabbing utilizes the process of vaporization. The resulting vapor is generally odorless and won’t hang around a room. For complete odor elimination, use a personal air filter to exhale the vapor.

Stylish and personal

Of course, dabbing requires dab rigs and accessories, many of which feature artistic flair. Marijuana users are found throughout the world, even celebrities, so everyone has their own personal preference on how to use it. Skilled glass blowers can make rigs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from technicolor sea creatures to futuristic forms. Unlike a shabby water pipe that hides in your corner, a sleek dab rig becomes an art piece you are proud to show off.

Final thoughts

Making the jump into the world of dabbing offers a mirage of benefits. With potent concentrates, you can appreciate the full spectrum of flavor that Mary Jane has to offer. Not to mention, you won’t be nursing a sore throat after a heavy smoke session. So what are you waiting for? Your herbal oasis awaits.

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