Prevention of String Bets in Online Poker

The world of online games provides many platforms for one to earn real money. One can earn passively by watching advertisement videos or filling out surveys. Other ways involve actively participating in real cash games like – card, casino, or sports games such as poker, bridge, rummy, teen Patti, blackjack, cricket, football, tennis, etc. One of the most popular games which give players the chance of winning big cash is online poker.

From being a recreational card game for a small group of people, poker has become so huge that multimillion-dollar tournaments are organized where professional poker players participate. Lately, the fad has caught up in such a way that online poker has become an essential part of the real cash games available online.

In online poker, the more people involved, the higher the stakes become. To succeed, you ought to know the game’s rules, and one crucial rule of poker is that string betting is a big no!! 

What is a String Bet?

Primarily used regarding live poker, a string bet is an illegal bet or raise where, instead of putting the desired amount of chips into the pot in one motion, the player uses multiple motions. It is the action, the method – how many chips do you put into the pot in one go. w88club

For example, you are betting an amount of 8000, and you have four stacks of 2000 each remaining. If you slide each stack of 2000 in the pot, one after another (and not all at the same time), then it is a type of string bet. In this case, the number of chips put in the pot in the first forward movement of the chips instance will only be taken as the bet. In the above example- the amount of 2000.

There are various types of string bets, like: 

  1. Reach-back
  2. Dropdown
  3. Verbal strings
  4. Double-wrist
  5. Peel-off

Why is it illegal?

String bets are illegal because placing the bet in multiple steps can become a way to read the opponent’s reaction. In poker, you are not supposed to use the opponent’s reactions for information. It is unethical, and many call this practice angle shooting.

How to avoid string betting?

You might make a string-bet without even having any shady intention, like an oversight or accident. However, these are real cash games played in public, so you should avoid doing anything unethical or illegal. Whether in offline or online poker, string betting can be easily avoided by following the ways listed below.

  • Announcing your bets

When you announce your bet clearly, the way you pick chips becomes irrelevant. So, whatever the stakes are – more or less, you can announce the bets as well as raises clearly and consistently. 

  • Plan ahead

It is always good to plan so any unintentional mistakes or goof-ups can be prevented under pressure. For example, string bets sometimes are a result of buckling under pressure. So, planning will help prevent any mistakes.

  • Be careful with the denominations

You should make bets relative to the denomination of the chips in your hand. To avoid string-bets, making larger bets with chips having a higher denomination is advisable. With higher valued chips, it becomes possible to place the bets in one go, even if they are big.

  • Don’t allow anyone to break the rules 

There always are some people who think rules are not for them. In the process, they become habituated to breaking the rules. In poker, people can be habitually doing string betting, or someone can intentionally ignore rules against string betting. One person’s behavior might encourage others to start doing so, and the game would become slow. Don’t allow anyone else to indulge in string betting. 


Online poker games are real cash games, but many people want to try something different from the usual casino games, so they prefer online scratch cards not on Gamstop.Some rules ensure that nothing unethical or illegal happens. Also, why should anyone get any undue benefit by breaking the rules? When playing with friends in an informal setting, you can twist things around. But when there are serious people and money involved, you won’t be allowed to get involved in any such practices as string bets.

Poker prepares you to adjust, adapt, and respond to new situations smartly and quickly. So, if you are having a bad phase, or technical mistakes are happening – grow out of them, and learn from mistakes. Prevent any untoward thing, like being thrown out of the game for breaking the rules or losing money due to any silly misadventures by playing a straightforward game – in one motion, with clear verbal announcements, and never breaking the rules on purpose. String betting may not be cheating as such, yet, it shall still be prevented – neither shall you do it, nor let others do it.

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