How To Play Fishing Games At Mega888

Fishing games have been part of online casino games for quite some time. Just like slot, and table games, fishing games have their importance and are enjoyed by players globally. There are hundreds and thousands of fishing games online and most of them are commonly found at Mega888

The collection of fishing games at Mega888 is phenomenal, you will find games of various graphics and game mechanics but the one thing that the internet lacks about fishing games is the right guide to win games. Finding the accurate guide that will help you win fishing games at Mega888 ios download is a challenge but don’t worry because we have the answers for you.

If you are struggling to find some useful tips that would help you win even the games which you are going to lose then you are reading the right article. Here we will be covering some of the best tips which you can use to win from fishing games. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

Try Using The Mustache Tactics

One of the most common mistakes that a newbie makes is that they aim high but forget that they are the ones who lack experience. Most of the new players in fishing games try to aim for fish that are big as that will get them a lot of fish while forgetting the small fish. This tactic is risky and never really pays off for the players. 

If you are a new player playing fishing games, then it’s best for you to not risk all your bullets in big fish. This is mainly because if you go for the big fish and you miss them, you will end up losing some big bullets which you could use later on to catch better fish. 

As a player, who doesn’t have much experience in fishing games, you should use a small corner of the gun to shoot small fish. So how do I use the mustache tactics? To start, the very first thing you need to do is rotate the gun barrel constantly around the shooting table. 

The next thing you would want to do is shoot each bullet, slowly and carefully. For each bullet that you shoot, try catching a fish, give your bullet the direction it needs, and for a 1 to 1 ratio that is one fish for one bullet. 

However, if the fishes are big then it’s best to shoot at least 2-3 bullets. This way you will end up using 10 bullets to kill both small and big fish instead of using 10 bullets and not even getting a fish.

Aim For Target Bonuses

The next thing you want to do if you are playing fishing games is that you need to target bonuses. Though the target bonuses aren’t always there in fishing games of Mega888, it’s still worth it to shoot at the bonuses while they are there. 

Some of the commonly found bonuses in fishing games are dice balloons, iridescent fish, pearls, etc. All you need to do is wait for the target bonuses to move toward the center of the screen and then once they are there, focus and shoot at them. 

The chances of you hitting the target bonuses are 90% if you wait for them to reach the center of the screen and then shoot. This is mainly because the path is too long and the movement speed is slow, the probability of you hitting the target bonuses is usually the highest. But why should you go for the target bonuses and the fishes? 

Well, in reality, these target bonuses pay more than a normal number, they pay 2 to 6 times higher. In addition, even in some games, if you end up shooting 5 consecutive pearls, you get to level up immediately. So it’s best for you to not focus on just the fish but the target bonuses can be a great addition to your shooting list.

Avoid Going For The Hidden Fishes

If you are playing fishing games and are finding hidden fishes on your screen, DON’T shoot at them. They are just a trap as you won’t be getting anything out of the hidden fishes. In the fishing games that are available at Mega888, you will find a decent number of fish hiding under moss or rocks.

According to the rules of various games at the online casino, if you land on a hidden fish, you will get an additional 20 to 30% increase in the original reward. This alone is an amazing incentive that is given to players and it attracts them to shoot at the hidden fish. 

In the process, many players end up shooting and wasting a lot of bullets that they could have saved and used to get decent-sized fish instead of the hidden ones. The fishes that are hidden from the players have a pretty low hit rate and catching them is extremely difficult. 

So you might end up wasting your bullets and have nothing in return. The stubborn fire rate will only lead you to waste your bullets and you will not recover from the capital you have lost from those bullets. 

Aim For The Head Of The Fish

When playing a fishing game, you need to aim in the right direction. If your aim is accurate, the rest is all good. If you are going after the big fish which will give you five or more coins, you should use at least a few bullets on them but try to go for their head. 

In addition, you can also try to wait for them to swarm and then aim for the head of the fish, this way you can shoot at your targets more efficiently. Since these fishes are strong, you should wait for them to pile up and then take your chances.


If you want to ace fishing games like a professional, all you have to do is follow everything we have discussed in this article. If you can follow everything we have talked about fishing games here, you will be a master at fishing games in no time.

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