How To Win Real Money With Fishing Games At 918Kiss

Winning real money with fishing games isn’t something everyone can do these days. Some might say that fishing games are hard but that is not entirely true if you have the right resources and guides. Fishing games have been a great source of entertainment at 918Kiss and if you don’t enjoy fishing games, you are not playing them right. 

The fishing games available at 918Kiss are in great variety. Every game available at 918Kiss is different and unique in its way. The graphics are amazing and the game mechanics of the games available at the casino are flawless. 

So if you are really into winning real money through fishing games then what are the things that you must be following? 

If that’s the question on your mind, you are reading the right article. Here we will be discussing some of the best tricks and strategies that will help you win real money with fishing games. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

Have Your Hands On The Right Games

The very first thing you need to do once you are at 918Kiss is choose the right games. The game selection at 918Kiss is vast and choosing the right games is crucial for you as a player. You can’t just roam around and play random games at the online casino as this will not take you anywhere and you will just be exploring games with real money. 

If the games are easy, the rewards aren’t promising and you will end up with less money. So how do you find out which game is perfect for you? Well, some common ones are always amazing. 

Some of the common games under the category of fishing games are ocean king 2, ocean king, King of Treasures, phoenix realm, monster revenge, tiger phoenix, etc. While you are choosing a game, you have to ensure that the game has a beautiful interface, lively sound, and an extremely attractive reward mechanism. 

So how do you determine whether the game you are opting for is the one for you? 

Well, it’s simple, all you need to do is go through the reviews of the games, do research on the games you wish to play and once that is all in one place, you can use the test ID of 918Kiss. With the test ID of 918Kiss, you can play any game that you want, all for free. 

The test ID enables you to test various games, try out different mechanics and explore multiple graphical layouts. Once you are satisfied with the games that you are playing, you can switch to your real account and play games for real money.

There are thousands of test IDs available at 918Kiss, each ID is accessible by the players. You can log into any test ID that you want and enjoy the games that you like. You can find all the credentials under the official website of 918Kiss and once you are all set with the games, you can easily bet real money in the games you are most confident in.

Be Observant With The Speed Of Your Fish

While you are playing a fishing game, you need to look out for the speed of your fish. While you are enjoying a shooting game, you need to observe the speed of the fish in the games you are playing. 

Different categories of fish in different games have various speeds and many people avoid this feature in shooting games. After logging into your game, you will have your bullets on your screen, and you can load your bullets there. 

Once the bullets are loaded, all you need to do is choose the betting level and then press successively to shoot the gun to the screen to catch the fish you want. But did you know, even though all the fishes pop on the screen at the same time, all of them have different speeds which are not the same.

In general, the fish which are small are usually slower than an average-sized fish. This is why slow fishes are easier to be taken down as shooting at them is a piece of cake. At the same time, fast-moving fishes are much harder to target and you might have to shoot again and again which is extremely time-consuming. 

Anyways, the rule doesn’t apply to huge bonuses like sharks or arowanas. This is because the last bonuses require a lot of bullets for the fish to be taken down. Though the situation is rare, you should know the games thoroughly before diving into the game.

Shoot With Marbles And Go For The Big Fish If You Have Enough Bullets

When you are playing fishing games at 918Kiss, ensure that you use the marbles in the game to your advantage. Shooting against the marble is an excellent way to increase the number of bullets that are fired. With this technique, you will shoot a few bullets on the wall which will bounce back to the fish. 

All you need to do is have precise aim while you are shooting the bullets through the marble. Once the bullets have bounced back through the walls, the next thing you need to do is shoot more bullets directly at the fish. This will lead you to shoot two lines of bullets at one fish which increases the death rate of the fish. 

Though you will consume some extra bullets in the process, if you want to hunt down big fish then this is the technique optimal for you. Furthermore, if you have a full reserve, you should shoot big fish. 

The main reason a player should avoid big fish is because they consume a lot of bullets and if you don’t have enough capital for bullets, going for them isn’t worth it. 

When you have a pool of cash available and you can spend it on bullets then it’s best to go for the big fish in the games like mermaids, sharks, etc. This way you will also get more money as the bigger the fish, the more the reward and the overall return on your shots will also drastically increase.


Winning real money through fishing games at 918Kiss isn’t hard if you know the right strategies. All you need to do is use the right tricks at the perfect time and you will be winning most of your games. While using your bullets, ensure that you are calculative with the amount of money you have and the amount of money you are spending on your games, as this way you will know the amount of money you want to spend and save. Click here to learn more about 918Kiss hack.

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