What are the Original Six from Ice Hockey?

The concept of the “Original Six” in ice hockey is a fundamental one when it comes to understanding the history of the NHL. At this moment 1xbet.ug provides sports betting Uganda, and here all punters have great chances to wager on the NHL too.

They refer to the 6 teams that founded the NHL and were its only members between 1942 and 1967. The squads in question were:

the Montreal Canadiens;
the Toronto Maple Leafs;
the Boston Bruins;
the Chicago Blackhawks;
the Detroit Red Wings;
and the New York Rangers.

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The Canadian teams

Let’s start with the Montreal Canadiens. Founded in 1909, they also happen to be the oldest operating ice hockey team all across the world. As of 2023, they have secured the Stanley Cup a staggering 24 times. Also, their prime era was in the decades of the 1950s and 196s, where they won a ridiculous amount of titles. You now have a chance to visit 1xBet – best virtual sports games are available as well as wagers on the Canadiens too.

Also from Canada we have the Toronto Maple Leafs. As of 2023, they have also won the Stanley Cup 13 times. However, their last triumph occurred more than 50 years ago, in 1967 to be exact. Yet, their passionate fans and players still make this team a force to be reckoned with. The best virtual sports games are present at 1xBet, and here punters have a great opportunity to wager on ice hockey matches too.

The other squads

The Boston Bruins joined the NHL in 1924. Thanks to a list of legendary players they have also won the Stanley Cup on 6 occasions since the 1970s, which was their golden decade. Also with 6 Stanley Cup titles there are the Chicago Blackhawks, which were created back in 1926. You can find any 1xBet casino games that can help you to have fun before the next NHL begins.

The Detroit Wings were also established in 1926. With 11 Stanley Cup titles, they have had 2 golden eras, which took place in the 1950s and also in the period between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Finally, we have the New York Rangers. They were also established in 1926, and also have their fair share of Stanley Cup titles, with 4 to be more exact. They play their matches at the legendary Madison Square Garden. At 1xBet you can find any casino games of your choice that will give you endless fun while you wait for the beginning of the next NHL match.


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