How does The Hundred work?

The Hundred is a cricket competition from the 2020s that is played in England. Punters can go to http://1xbetbd.com/ in order to place their wagers on it too. It is basically a traditional form of the sport turned into a form that is more spectator-friendly. Let’s see how it works.

Each team has got 100 balls per side. Here the concept of overs, which are 6 legal deliveries, don’t exist. Instead, people speak about 5-ball sets, which are also called bowler’s ends. In this case, bowlers can deliver either 5 or 10 consecutive balls from their end. At 1xBet you can also place wagers on everything that happens during these balls too.

Using the balls effectively

Now, each bowler can send down a max of 20 balls per game. They can spread these out in whatever combos of 5 or 10 they like, which adds this whole strategic twist. Do you let your ace bowler rip through ten in a go, or spread them out to keep the batters guessing? A bet online casino from 1xbetbd.com/casino can also be made before the next match of this format is played.

Talking about numbers, the batting teams can call for a strategic time-out of up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. However, it can be called on only 1 occasion per innings. This means that it can be used for purposes like:

planning a comeback;
getting some kinds of rest;
or other strategic use.

There are online casino bets from 1xBet, and here you can play great games before the next timeout is called. Also, fielding sides need to bowl their 100 balls within a 65-minute limit.

A few other interesting things about this competition

The inaugural season of The Hundred was held back in 2021, the Birmingham Phoenix’s Liam Livingstone lit it up, smacking 348 runs across the tournament. And on the flip side, for the bowlers, the Southern Brave’s Jake Lintott was basically on fire, bagging 11 wickets with his left-arm spin. At this moment you can also make a fast bet live cricket on 1xBet on all matches from this exciting competition too.

Each game also has a bit of a party vibe. We’re talking about DJs, music between balls, and some fireworks. It’s cricket, but with that extra aspect that ensures that even non-cricket fans can have a lot of fun when visiting these games. This is part of the strategy that tries to make this tournament attractive for as many people as possible. If you like The Hundred or other English cricket competitions, a live fast cricket bet on 1xBet can be made on all their matches too.

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