Tips For The Newbies: Job Application Edition

Applying for a job is very challenging. The competition itself is already overwhelming, but there are many more things to pay attention to. Applying for a position is especially difficult for new and first-time job seekers. As the job industry gets more and more complex and bigger, the obstacles become more challenging, and the competition becomes greater. Continue reading to help you gain insight into what you must consider. Follow these tips to make your job application a bit easier. 밤알바

Things to do before picking a company:

Assess yourself and identify your goals

Before you pick a company to apply to, you must first evaluate your knowledge, skills, experience, and goals. Knowing what you are now and what you want to achieve is vital in choosing where to apply. It will help you find a company that aligns with your goals and works with your experience. Doing this will help you narrow down your list of organizations to apply to. Each company has different visions and principles. If you want to progress and achieve your goal, ensure that the company you apply for will help you achieve your objective.


After you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, research the company you are eyeing. Get to know their background, how they do things, their goals, and how they treat their employees. Just as the company conducts a series of steps to filter and get to know their candidates, you must also get to know them.

Things to prepare for your application:


The very first document every employer looks for is the resume. Your resume contains all the information they have to know. From your name to address, contact details to your work background. Your resume will also be the key to convincing your employers that you are the candidate they are looking for. That is why writing your resume is very important. You must make one of good quality. If you are new to this or a first-timer, you can use resume formats to keep you guided. There are different formats available on the internet; try using different resume formats until you find what fits you. Tailoring your resume according to the position and job description is essential.

Update your social media

Just because your employers have your resume doesn’t mean they will not look into you more. Your social media platforms are one of the things they can look into to get to know you better. Especially during this age, the internet plays a huge role in your job, and having a decent profile will help boost your image. Before you apply for the company, make sure that if they check your social media, you will be able to show them an impressive one. Prepare your social media profile, and ensure that your posts and the things you share are company friendly. You should not have any indecent photos and vulgar posts. Your platform must be professional to please them.

The last stage:

The job interview

Congrats! You have saved yourself from ending up on the rejection list. You have made your first impression, and now, you must do it face to face and better. Job interviews can be scary, and the interviewees may be intimidating. To help you lessen your nervousness, you must prepare yourself. Practice your speaking. Ensure you have proper diction, pronunciation, and a well-modulated voice. Employers want someone who can converse and express themselves well. Pay attention to your body language. Check your facial expressions, hand gestures, and stance. Being able to present well and confidently while being natural is a green flag for your employers!

With all that in mind, do not forget to be yourself. Just know when to act accordingly. You do not have to restrict yourself from everything. Always remember that employers also look for soft skills, so do your best to be the employee that is easy to work with!

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