Tips on How to Successfully Start Your Export Business From India

If you are a small business owner planning to reach the world, you got to know how to start export business in India. If you believe in your dreams then you must also know how to make it a reality. For this, here are some of the tips of export that you must adhere to, for taking the baby steps to the export world. 

Market Research and Planning

The foremost step is to identify the target market where you can deliver the products and services. For instance, if India is known for being the land of spices, you can look for places lacking spices. This will give great value to the product. But along, you must also go through the legal regulations, competitions and cultural nuances of the region. This will help to find out if the product is even relevant in the region or not. Before you start export business from India, you must detect the viability of your business in the region you expect to deal. 

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

You must make your business official with registering your business as an exporter with the Government authorities like Directorate General of Foreign Trade – DGFT. With this, you will receive the necessary licences, permits, and the details about export controls, the product specific details and services. As part of your steps about starting export business in India, you must also comply with that region’s international trade regulations. Know the custom regulations and requirements, trade regulations, and export controls for safe play. 

Product Adaptation and Packaging

Make sure that the products and their packaging meet international standards, certifications, and the quality requirements of the given target market. For this, you can make your product adaptable to the local preferences and the regulations if needed. Based on the export market and the demand supply, you must pack the products accordingly for safe transportation and assuring attractive presentation. This can vary with the place for export.


Apart from exploring the ideas for how to start export business from India, you must also know the necessary documentation process. This may include the export documents, invoices, packing list, certificate of origin, and shipping instructions. Lately, you must ensure compliance with custom declarations, and other documentations as prescribed by the destination country. 

Logistics and Shipping

Since you are planning to transport it oversees, ensure choosing reliable logistics partners for transportation, delivery, and smooth custom clearance. With this, also pick the reliable mode of transportation (road, sea, air) based on multiple factors like cost, speed, and the nature of the products. 

Customs Clearance and Tariffs

You need to create bonds with a customs broker to handle import duties, taxes and policies for custom clearance in the given country. With this, you also need to be well-versed with the applicable tariffs, taxes, and import regulations of the target market. Be sound with the knowledge and open to more thrilling experiences when planning export. 

Payment and Finance

With this, you must create a pricing strategy, payment terms and the methods for the international customers. For this, letters of credits, advance payments, and trade finance options are among some of the prominent options. 

Compliance with Export Restrictions

Grab complete knowledge about the export restrictions, embargoes, or sanctions imposed by different countries and the entities. With this, while starting export business from India, make sure that the product you are choosing must not violate the restrictions. 

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

When your product is out for the launch in the destination, you must continuously monitor the market trends, regulatory changes in the target market and the customer’s feedback. While assessing this, you must also explore the export strategy, services and products, and the market values based on the changing conditions. 

Marketing and Sales

Well, focusing on the huge marketing conditions and strategy, you must develop your marketing strategy to promote the business in the destination. With this, build networks, partnerships, and agents for better transfer and supply. Also, look for online platforms and digital marketing services to reach out to the potential markets residing on the other corner of the world. 

This long procedure is a must when choosing for options on how to start export business from India. But the growing digital platforms can still make it easier for you. An exemplary of it is the Amazon Global Selling platform given with the minimalist steps for reaching out to a huge target market. 

Process to start your export business

Here is the minimalist process for stepping into the export market. 

Register the Business

Register your business with Amazon Global Selling. Here, you do not have to be necessarily an Indian seller, as you can directly register yourself as an international seller. For this, you can go online to the Seller Central. Fill the necessary documentation like KYC details, documents, credit and debit cards, etc. 

List your Products

After successful registration on Amazon Global Selling, you can list your products online. You can make this list more attractive with pictures, and also follow the guide as given online. 

Ship and Receive Payments

Once you receive the order, either you can take the fulfilment procedure yourself or you can involve the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) for carrying forward the shipment and payment services.

Grow your Export Business

If you become a pro with the market overseas, you can also go for promoting your business with Amazon advertising to list, sell and promote your business.

Such an initiative will boost your target for reaching the international market overtime. Your answers for how to start export business can be solved in a short period of time. Visit Amazon Global Selling to know all about it. 

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