Top 9 Celebrity Weed Smokers

Cannabis Celebrities Everywhere!

Creatives love marijuana; the number of reports on celebrities smoking weed proves that. Some use psychoactive powerhouses to awaken creativity, and others pick high CBD cannabis seeds to unwind holistically. In any case, they found an ally in ganja and became vocal about it. cheap ounce deals winnipeg

Read on to learn about VIPs who partake in 420. Some entries on the list are obvious, but others may surprise you.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s stoner characters are only partly fiction. The star of Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and The Night Before blazed freely on the big screen, painting potheads in a more positive light with each appearance. His familiarity with the bong comes from real-life habits.

The 40-year-old is an outspoken cannabis advocate, discussing it in interviews and arguing for its accessibility. He launched a business that sells processed buds, merch, and paraphernalia. The company’s called ‘Houseplant,’ and now it’s set to mentor aspiring ganja entrepreneurs.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is the quintessential celebrity smoking weed and has been a card carrier since 2007. He sings (raps) praises of the herb, and his red eyes now present a recognizable sight in pop culture.

The rapper puts his money where his mouth is, too. In 2015, he launched an alternative media company, invested in a canna delivery service, and started a ganja brand. Who says that tokers are unproductive?

If you want to smoke like Snoop, try buds from Blue Dream and Master Kush feminized seeds. These strains are his favorites.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is not one to make her habits a secret. The Disney Channel celebrity is a rebel, cementing her image as ‘not an innocent little girl’ by lighting up a blunt on stage in a 2013 MTV performance. Her attire and decor on subsequent concerts screamed ganja love.

The singer-actress called marijuana ‘the best drug on Earth.’ She gave up toking in 2017 after a vocal chord surgery but said ‘never say never’ when asked whether she’d pick it up again.


Rihanna is a 420 icon, her outfits inspiring fashionista potheads worldwide. She single-handedly made leaf-adorned clothing stylish again via her Instagram page. She’s not without scandal, either—nobody missed the snap of her rolling a joint on her bodyguard’s head at Coachella.

The Barbadian doesn’t contain her toking habits to social media, either. Her recognizable Mary Jane Halloween costume made headlines, and her music videos put old-school rappers to shame. The best part is that she looks fierce while doing it.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is another celebrity who quit smoking weed but remained its champion. He opened up about overdoing it in the ‘90s to tackle the stress of becoming a big name. The handsome actor has been sober since then, but his reputation still has ties to the plant.

Notably, Tarantino and Pitt smoked hash together—they abstained while shooting movies but had intoxicated adventures while off-duty. Pitt claims he can roll the perfect joint, taking pride in the skill.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s air of respectability serves as a counter to stoner stereotypes. The 80-year-old is an active legalization proponent and medical user.

His advocacy intensified after a car accident in 2008, which left him with chronic pain. Freeman now uses pot to ease symptoms and believes everyone should get the chance to do the same. As he said, in many cases, ‘the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana.’

Lady Gaga

You can’t disregard Lady Gaga when considering weed-smoking celebrities. The singer-actress is popular for crossing mainstream boundaries and exploring new avenues of expression. It’s no wonder she also experimented with psychoactive substances.

The star began using cannabis to heal anxiety and pain. Today, she has a healthy relationship with the plant, stating she smokes ‘a bit at night for fun.’ Mary Jane might be Gaga’s inspiration, too.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz went to school with Snoop Dogg—need we say more? She famously shared a blunt with Drew Barrymore while filming Charlie’s Angels—girl power and flower power seem to mesh well!

The actress is now a proponent of meditation and healthy living, and her organic wine brand proves her ongoing ambitions. We won’t be surprised if she launches a pot company targeting other green-and-clean enthusiasts.

Kristen Stewart

Kirsten Stewart got in trouble when a picture of her and her boyfriend sharing a pipe went viral on the internet. The young star isn’t coy about it, though.

She considers her habit ‘not a big deal’ and herself  ‘a weirdo, creative Valley Girl who smokes pot.’ This radical self-acceptance inspired countless fans. Since Stewart was spotted shopping from a LA dispensary, we can assume she continued toking past her Twilight days.

Cannabis Celebrities Everywhere!

This lineup of celebrities known for smoking weed is diverse but not exhaustive. There are pot-loving superstars in each niche. Their endorsements pave the way for the public to enjoy the herb safely and legally, wherever and wherever we wish.

If your state allows it, why not buy seeds and grow a crop at home? Look into your favorite celeb’s strain for bonus points.

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