Favourite Asian Paints Color Combinations For Indian Homes

The colours are powerful. They affect one’s mood and influence the tone of the room. Because of this, during home painting, often confusion about the right colour combination is a major worry. With millions of colors and shades, the dilemma about which color to blend with another colour is a genuine doubt. We have narrowed down the search with the list of some of the favorite color duos from the famous Asian paints shade card that will look the best on Indian homes.

1. Dark Ash and Oriental Blue:

Blue is not just a color that promotes a calming effect, it is also a safe color, irrespective of the room you are looking to paint with it. Whether it’s a contemporary or modern house, blue gives a cool, vibrant effect, adding spirit to the space. When this color is balanced with ash grey shade, it prevents from going overboard. Thus, glam this color combination with some smart and lightweight furniture, and you are good to go!

2. Cream Pie and Yellow Tulip:

Yellow is a color that doesn’t just signify positivity, it also depicts togetherness. Hence, it is a wonderful color for the dining room. Yellow tulip from the Asian paint catalog is a wonderful shade that cheers up any room. When paired up with a cream shade, the room appears inviting and inspires people to stay there for long. Thus, it is a brilliant combination for the living room to let people enjoy themselves when invited for meals. Just keep in mind, to get the exact yellow shade, you must carry the shade card of Asian paints color combination with code.

3. Pale Sisal and Passion Flower:

If you thought one can achieve a dual-toned kitchen only with the help of cabinets, you are mistaken. The color of the walls is yet another way to create the dual-tone effect, and this color combination is one of the best examples. The mustard pale color and the light hue give an interesting gaze to the space without making it dull. You can take any dark or bright-colored cabinets with this duo for an upgraded appearance.

4. Grape Delight and Plum Island:

If you want to experience the royal treatment at home, giving your living room a makeover with grape delight and a plum island combination is the ideal way. This hue gives a room a sophisticated appeal, making the area appear bigger. Accentuate the space by adding modern furniture and a few gold accents, and you are sorted!

5. Almond Ivory and Lemonade:

Any shade of yellow just brightens up the space, adding the cool quotient to it. And if you want to level up the cool quotient higher, pair the lemonade color with an almond ivory shade. It is a perfect combination to give a cleaned appearance to the space. You can pair it with quirky prints for the children’s room or add a pop of colors in accents when used in the dining area. We bet you will fall in love with this room.

6. Lilac Dash and Grazing Land:

If you are fond of cozy and soothing color shades, they rightly made this combination for you. The light version of lilac and the mint green shade helps create a calm and severe environment. This also motivates slow living, therefore, inspires one to embrace the present time and not lead into the rushing of life.

7. Marigold and Greenery:

Green is never the choice for the living room where guests are exposed. With this color combo of marigold and greenery by Asian paints, we would like to change your perspective towards adding green to your space. These interior colors blend well along with wooden furniture, printed or textured rugs, and some natural plants. It promotes earthy vibes you just cannot say no to. Thus, add this color duo if you want to be experimental and balance it out by adding a pop of sea blue or coral cushions.

Different color schemes portray differently to different people. While some walls will evoke the strongest of emotions, others will calm your mind down. Choose the color combination from this list that best suits your requirements to create your own unique space

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