Prepare for the Unknown: Best Items to Have in Your Business’s Emergency Kits

No matter what type of business you manage, you should always have an emergency kit in case a natural disaster prevents you and your employees from being able to leave the facility. Let’s discuss the top items to have in your business emergency kits. 

Mobile command center

Having a mobile command center on hand will get you through any emergency where the power is knocked out from a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disasters that may happen while you and your team are still on shift at your business. 

You can connect to the Internet with more than 100 Wi-Fi connections to stay up-to-date on the recent disaster that caused the emergency. It gives you the ability to make and receive calls and has USB capability to charge smartphones and other cellular devices if anyone is low on battery. 

Many mobile command centers are sturdy, waterproof, and drop-tested so that they last even in the fiercest of conditions if it turns out that your business has to take shelter in other locations besides inside your company. 

Use the mobile command center only when connecting to the outside world. Taking a digital detox during an emergency can keep you calm until the event is over. 

First aid kit

A first aid kit is essential to treat anyone’s cuts, scrapes, wounds, or other injuries that may happen from an unexpected natural disaster. Be sure to stock it with standard bandages, gauze, gauze tapes, slings in case someone breaks a bone, ice packs, alcohol prep pads, and hydrocortisone cream. 

While many first aid kits have many items already pre-packaged, you have the option to make one yourself by purchasing products separately. You can save more money in your emergency preparedness budget by choosing this method. 

Most first aid kits will not have arm slings, so you must purchase this product separately. 

Water supply

The Red Cross recommends having one gallon of water daily for everyone that is together in an emergency. For example, if you have yourself and three other people at your business, store 12 gallons in your emergency storage area so you will be prepared for four days. 

Individual water bottles are more convenient in emergencies. A 24-pack of 16.9-ounce water equals 405.6 ounces total or about 3.17 gallons. You need to purchase at least four cases of 24-pack water to accommodate you and your employees for three days. 

Fire starter kit

You never know when the power will go out, and there may not be a heat source to warm up food. Enter the fire starter kit. These kits come with a type of tinder, such as rope, and a wooden or magnesium rod that generates fire when rubbed vigorously against the tinder.

Sure, hikers use this method, but it comes in handy if you want warm food when being stuck in a power outage emergency. 

Shelf-stable food

Shelf-stable food will stay good in your emergency storage area for many years. Here’s a suggested list of what to have on hand:

  • Canned fruits
  • Canned vegetables
  • Tuna in self-serve packets
  • Peanut butter
  • Crackers
  • Trail mix
  • Granola
  • Protein bars
  • Cereal
  • Plastic utensils and paper plates and bowls

These items will get you through any emergency.

Before you go

While it may seem silly to prepare for an emergency, especially if one has not happened for so many years, get ready anyway! You would rather have what you need on hand instead of being stuck without it if an emergency does occur. 

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