How Self-Care Should Be A Part Of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Before we get into the benefits of self-care, and why it is absolutely necessary, let us first understand-

What Is Self Care? 

Let us get this straight first; there is no tell-tale definition for what self-care is. For some, it can be lighting a candle and putting a face mask on, and for others, it could be their weekly therapy session.

Essentially, self-care depends on the end product of that activity. Anything which can bring you out of the spiral of a bad mental health day, stress, exhaustion, or even burnout and eventually relax you is a form of self-care.

Self-care could be of different types.

Physical Selfcare: This is to take care of your body. For example, good sleep, physical exercise, and consuming healthy, nutritious food.

Emotional Self-Care: This is to take care of your mental health. For example, positive affirmations to yourself, taking long baths for relaxation, reading a good book, having a warm beverage, and taking regular therapy.

Spiritual Self-Care: This is where you connect to your inner self. A body, mind, and soul connection. For example, taking a peaceful walk in nature, meditating, and doing yoga. 

How Self-Care Is Affecting You

Self-care is a big part of any healthy lifestyle. You cannot go on working and engulfing yourself in the exhaustions of human life without giving time to yourself to breathe. You can try, but success rates are not high.

If you just work without relaxing your mind, body, and soul, by the end of the first week, the exhaustion will catch up to you in the worst way possible. Here are some of the reasons why you need self-care.

Digital Detox

Digital detox is not an option anymore. With the vast expansion of the digital world, getting out of it for even a day and just being, in reality, is becoming a necessity. Yes, from remote working to attending to email and virtual work meetings, it is almost impossible to keep your phone aside on a work day.

However, you have your weekends, and it is only through self-care that you will be able to make this conscious decision to keep your phone aside. The mere thought of living vicariously, and not to mention miserably in other people’s lenses on social media, can be anxiety-inducing.

The constant comparison and endless scrolling. On the other hand, for any workaholic, it is the emails that can never go unnoticed. However, weekdays are for you to relax. You can go back to your perfect workaholic self come Monday. Catch up on some books, movies, series, or even cooking.

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Better Immunity

With self-care will come consciousness. Consciousness about your body. Psychologists have often come across examples where individuals started a physical exercise regime and went to see a dietician the moment they started feeling good about themselves over the course of self-care activities.

The more you take care of yourself, the more alert you will be about the food items you are eating, your lack of physical exercise, or spiritual activities like yoga and meditation. This essentially helps in strengthening your immune system towards common diseases.

Increased Productivity

Self-care is directly correlated to your productivity. The moment you start taking care of your mental and physical health, the exhaustion will go away, and you will be left with a much more energized body to get all your work done.

If you do not believe us, then try getting up, getting into some stretching and physical exercise, taking a cold shower, eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast, sitting with your work, and reading ten pages of a good book.

Now, sit with your work. Try this for a week and see how your productivity meter changes. 

Eliminate Toxicity

Another big advantage of taking care of yourself is understanding the toxicity around you. Whether it is toxic memories, toxic habits, or toxic people, this self-awareness helps you eliminate the toxicity in your life.

Because at the end of the day, these toxicities can drain your mantel energy. Energy, you would have rather given to something more productive.

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