Top 10 Essential Items To Bring When Hiking

Packing ‘The Essentials’ when you are out there in the backcountry, even for one day of hiking, is a good habit. While you might be an experienced hiker and have all the equipment at home. But, on a routine trip, you might just carry a few of them or nothing at all.But, on a routine trip, you might just carry a few of them or nothing at all, and a travel first aid kit is one of them. Hansaplast India has a first aid box that helps with everyday wounds and scratches that tend to occur and is also essential in keeping you safe.

It is when something goes awry that you realize you have made a mistake by not carrying your usually hiking essentials. The original essentials list was assembled in 1930 by mountaineers. This list contains all the necessary things a hiker will need when they are out there enjoying the natural beauty.

However, the original Essentials have changed over the years, and it looks like this now.

1. Headlamps

Headlamps are essential to have in your gear set. While you might not need them during the day, if you are stuck in the wild and, for any reason, unable to complete the trail, they will be your guide to keep track of the trail.

2. Extra Food And Water

Hiking means carrying a lot of stuff inside your bag. You need to be extra careful of what you carry in your bag so that you have all the essentials you need to complete hiking. One of the essentials that you need to carry is Food & Water. Ensure that you are carrying more than you would need. What if you are stuck spending your night outside?

3. Insulations Clothing

When you are hiking at altitude, the temperature drops significantly, especially during the night. To ensure you keep yourself warm, always wear layers. In addition, it will be best to add an insulation layer to your clothing.

4. Map

The map has always been essential for a hiker, especially hiking mountains. Mountain ranges can be unforgiving and make you lose your path. This is when maps can help you find your way.

5. Fire Starter

The fire started work on the concept of lighting fire using two stones, but in this case, you will have two metal rods to spark the light. It is helpful to create fire wherever you need it.

6. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is important no matter where you are. And if you are hiking, it becomes essential that you can’t miss keeping it in your bag. While you are hiking, anything can happen. To avoid any serious problems from minor injuries, you must always carry a first aid kit.

7. Emergency Shelter

Hiking can sometimes be dangerous and life-threatening. In case you get injured while hiking, you might have to wait the night out on the trail while waiting for help to arrive. A simple and lightweight shelter can make all the difference.

8. Communication 

It is important to call for help when you are in an emergency situation. Chances are you are already carrying a cell phone, but chances are they might run out of power or might not get the receptions. This is when you will need a radio communication device to keep you connected with others.

9. Gun For Protection From Wild Animal

When you are in the wild hiking, there is always a possibility that you might encounter wild animals. To protect yourself in such an encounter, you must have a gun, Preferably Benelli M4. It is one of the most versatile shotguns that can even take down a wild bear. In case you don’t fall short of ammo, get yourself a Benelli M4 Magazine Extension.

10. Repair Kit

When you are hiking, your bag becomes the most important tool. After all, it carries everything for you. In that case, you wouldn’t want a rip in your daypack or a broken zipper. Having a repair kit can help you fix common issues and ensure your hiking goes smoothly.

The List is Not Complete Yet!

Although we have given you the Ten Essentials you need while you are hiking, this is not the end of the list. These ten items are the base minimum anyone should carry.

However, if you are going to follow a long trail, you need to be prepared completely. In that case, these things might be just the tip of the iceberg.

To know the complete list, reach out to us.

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