Ludo- Game or Movie? What lessons do you learn?

It wasn’t long before Pankaj Tripathi made us vibe with “Kismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram” and got us all thinking about our future and luck too. While talking about luck, ludo is a game of both luck and skill, and the movie has undoubtedly portrayed both of them in the best way! While the film is aptly named after the game, it takes us on a roller coaster ride of adventures, mystery, and lots of thrilling scenes, not to mention love! Play ludo online and vibe to Sattu singing to “Kabhi kal ratiya, kabhi din suhane” and dive into this article to find out the best lessons that one could learn from the movie the game of ludo.

A Fun Psychological Twist

This movie might seem comical and superficial, but the storyline has some profound psychological lessons. The film subtly points out that “life is like a game of ludo” and some great lessons to teach you while the game comes to an end. You roll the dice, wish luck to be in your favor, and use your skills to get out of your opponent’s clutches, attain your goal, and emerge victoriously. In between all these, there’s something called life and obstacles that one has to tackle and make your way out of them. Moreover, the movie also highlights the fun moments that one shouldn’t miss while being indulged in the game of life. 

Morales and Principles

Ludo is a game with no mercy or morals; however, one must follow rigid principles. While cheating and seizing somebody else’s chance violate the game’s regulations, the movie cunningly highlights the essence of sin and virtue in real life and the game. The film highlights the importance of perspective, context, and nuance. What might look like a six to you might be perceived as a nine by someone else. What might seem right to you might be dreadfully wrong to someone else. Life is all about different perspectives, and the game teaches us this invaluable lesson. The movie and ludo game introduces us to empathy and relates to somebody else’s situation and life. Indulging in retrospection is a great art that ludo players can master with time. 

Killing Your Opponents

During the war of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna emphasized the importance of killing your opponents to make your way out to victory and dharma. Simply put, he focused on the point of taking what is rightfully yours. In the ludo game, one has to kill opponents and slither their way to the finish line. Similarly, in the movie, Rahul Satyendra, commonly known as “Sattu,” explains to his victim that he is not killing him but ‘freeing him.’ Apart from being an intense comical scene, the shot has a greater perspective. 

Pain Of Getting Your Token Killed

Every ludo player has come across the pain of losing their pawns! Your pawn is the invaluable asset you nurture and strategize your way to victory. The movie shows Mini’s pet dog being sent away at the behest of her nanny and the little girl was distraught! However, a critical lesson that the scene teaches is the loss of your companion and the void that it creates. But the location also opens up the path for hope, hope for something better. Also, as said, hope is a good thing, maybe one of the best things, and no good thing ever dies. To bolster this saying, the game also gives you hope of never giving up on your dreams and working hard to reach the goal. This is what keeps a player going and hustling to get the finish line!

Give It Back To The Bullies

Ludo is prone to cheating and too much name-calling when things get heated up. However, one has always to give it back to their bullies and establish peace. After all, prioritizing your stability should be on top of everything else in life. The movie shows the sadistic nature of Rahul’s boss and how Rahul stood up to him to give him peace of mind. He taught us to be vigilant and fight against humiliation.

On the other hand, Sheeja faces name-calling and humiliation as she couldn’t speak properly in English. For an unexpected twist, Sheeja’s courage and attitude seem like a slap on the face of her harassers. The Ludo movie teaches us to be strong and stand out against toxicity. 

Somebody’s Letting Go Is For Your Good

While playing ludo, at times, you might feel like chasing your opponent and stopping them from reaching the finish line is the only best way to win the game. You can sometimes choose to let go and scurry your way out of the obstacles and reach the finish line before them. However, sometimes you have to keep a close eye on them and stop fussing about every pawn of your opponent. For instance, in the movie, Pinky exhibits courage and gets rid of her good-for-nothing husband, cheating on her back. When he realizes he might fall into the trap of being guilty, he despises and blames her for the mess. One should not condone murder, but one should not hold on to things that might hurt them.

Perseverance At Its Best

True to his versatile roles, Pankaj Tripathi always brings a plethora of twists and turns in every movie he acts in. It is pretty evident that he was not the best character in the film, but he clearly showed an enormous amount of courage and perseverance in meeting Lata; call it fate or Sattu’s love for her. A guy who has escaped death meeting his soulmate is a rare scene to watch! It was indeed a mesmerizing scene. Why wouldn’t it be? 

One thing that Sattu makes clear here is- it is not impossible to escape death; however, it is worth a try, for there is the hope of brighter things at the end of the journey.


The movie cunningly highlights significant characteristics of the game and is an excellent treat to ludo lovers. Happy playing!

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