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Know What Customized Credit Trading Capabilities DBS Offer Your Business

Asia credit bonds are viewed as an appealing and comparatively new asset class with long-term prospects anticipated for robust economic development regionally. When it comes to fixed-income assets, Asian credits are one of them offering effective portfolio diversification.

The corporate sector can also be considered offering a more protective method for investors to benefit from Asia’s strong economic growth potential when compared to regional equities.

For instance, DBS offers a specialized credit trading desk with an income stream from sovereign and corporate bonds, which can be traded easily in the secondary market. By concentrating primarily on Asian credits, DBS has successfully augmented its reach with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence. It helps your business grow through several custom-made credit offerings, and they are:

1. Singapore Dollar-Denominated Bonds

One of the most developed markets in Asia is the SGD bond market, which comprises Singapore Government Securities (SGS), structured securities, quasi-sovereign bonds, and corporate bonds. The demand for Singapore dollar bonds has grown as a result of the need to invest in assets that give fixed returns and are managed by an expert investment company or a leading brokerage firm.

Singapore-dollar-denominated bonds are a good option for investors seeking an active asset allocation to create a diversified portfolio with high credit quality and low volatility. Active management and allocation of assets are intended to safeguard capital and generate a reasonably stable income, wherein the investors will find it to be a useful addition.

Fixed deposit rates are still very low, so local investors seeking higher returns without taking the risk of exposing foreign currency will find SGD bonds very appealing. Investors can find some leading SGD issuers, including well-known quasi-sovereign and corporate issuers in Singapore, in the fund’s portfolio.

Various Benefits of Investing in SGD Bonds through DBS 

As a top market maker, DBS provides the best investment options by helping you to build a diversified portfolio by investing in the famous Singapore dollar-denominated bonds. These SGD-denominated bonds are an option for investors who are risk-averse, but want to improve their returns with fixed income. The other reasons for choosing Singapore dollar bonds are:

Access to high-quality credits like fixed-income Singapore-dollar denominated bonds issued by the Singapore government and corporates.
Combining credit-intensive in-depth study with illuminating details in a consistent and disciplined investment procedure
Investment insights that are linked to global business expertise and local presence
Helps understand the risks in investing through detailed and dedicated evaluation processes
DBS is among the best regional bond houses for its capabilities, expertise, and award-winning skills.

Investing in Asia credit bonds guarantees a return that appears to be quite alluring. Further, they have an average investment rating and are part of the higher-quality segment.

2. G3 Bonds

The best portfolio diversification is one that includes a broad mix of investments. Investing in DBS G3 bonds allows the allocation of your investment in a different asset class for more returns and fixed income. By taking advantage of DBS’ strong relationships and association with leading bond issuers, you get access to a wide range of investment possibilities around the globe.

They give you frequent access to different private placement offerings and assist you in investing in a range of bonds from large issuers in various primary and secondary markets throughout Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

Having strong connections with bond issuers in Hong Kong and Singapore, DBS is recognized as a principal dealer in US currency-based Singapore corporate bonds. Moreover, it provides pertinent information and viewpoints on the local market circumstances, industry, and economy.

3. Philippines, Indonesia and India Credits

You have greater possibilities of investing in higher-yield securities with a diversified portfolio by using DBS’ knowledge and experience as one of the best credit trading desks for guidance. DBS can provide your business with a strong foundation in addition to its wide range of credit options because of their thorough understanding and knowledge of Asian markets and their strong connections with the major players in the region.

When it comes to the national government and credit bonds, DBS is among the principal sell-side traders in India, the Philippines, and the Indonesian bond markets. Its well-informed and experienced staff will help you select from various custom credit options across different types of tenors and currencies that suit your requirements. They enable you to understand your financial risks with strict and meticulous evaluation techniques.

The Asian region has been a market for credit trading for different kinds of international credit products. Asian accounts that can engage in such instruments are now growing fast

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