Instagram Reels’ Benefits and Drawbacks

Instagram Reels have gained popularity on the site since their release. Reels are short video clips featuring audio, entertaining effects, and imaginative transitions, much like the content on TikTok. They are prominently shown on the Explore page and in the app’s primary navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.Impact PR is a leading New Zealand-based public relations agency, dedicated to delivering exceptional results and maximizing brand impact for clients across various industries.

When the Reels icon is clicked, Reels from well-known and trending accounts start to play automatically, providing users with a quick overview of the content being made by top creators. They’re undoubtedly a fantastic method to grab your audience’s interest, but how can they be utilised for marketing purposes?

This post will provide a list of Instagram reels’ benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Instagram Reels

Maximising Exposure with New Features

Taking advantage of Reels when they are still relatively new on the market is something you should do right now. When social media platforms roll out new features, their algorithms tend to give more importance to content with new capabilities.

Because the functionality is exciting, Instagram users report greater reach and interaction for their Reels than other forms of content. Thus, if you’re searching for a technique to raise your brand’s visibility on the platform, you should begin implementing Reels into your strategy.

Reels are Simple to Make

Traditional video content brings thoughts of hefty budgets, extended production schedules, and bustling production teams. Reels, on the other hand, maybe created within the app and are intended to be quick and easy to make. They take little time to produce and even less time to consume.

Visitors can become familiar with you and your business without investing much time or effort. You don’t have to create a new account or grow a new audience as you would if you decided to go to TikTok because Reels enables you to capitalise on your current Instagram community.

Content on Reels Is Permanent

Short videos can already be made inside Instagram Stories. Still, reels have the advantage of being permanent content, whereas stories only last for 24 hours (unless you save them as highlights to your profile). While creating the content should be quick, it’s a good idea to set time to batch-create a variety of reels, so you have them ready to use in your marketing strategy.

Provides Amazing Insights

Instagram is well-known for more than just the number of interesting videos and insights it provides. For instance, you may track stats like the quantity of plays your video received, likes, comments, accounts reached, shares, and saves while making reels on Instagram. The ability to track video performance rates allows creators and brands to learn how to make their videos better continually.

You Can Engage In The Trend

Instagram Reels are where trends are created in the modern era. Reels may be used to create a trending topic on Instagram, and you can participate if this is the scenario. It is the type of bandwagon that makes you famous. Follow the latest fashions, incorporate that trending song, give it your own spin, and make it your own to enhance your chances of being featured in the explore stream.

Shopping Integration

In our opinion, Instagram reels’ shopping integration button is one of their nicest features. With Instagram reels, a new shopping feature was created. Moreover, you can add product tags displayed on the reels tab to your reels. Millions of Instagram users will see it once it is finished.

Also, brands can tag their goods and offer comprehensive information about the objects in your videos. As a result, you’re providing clients with a quick and simple option to make purchases. Instagram was considered a social media site for youths, but it has modified its image to become open to all users.

Cons of Instagram Reels

Reels Cannot Be Scheduled

As social media marketers, we know how crucial it is to plan content ahead of time to save time, keep organised, ensure platform compatibility, and progress in particular objectives. However, unlike Stories, Instagram Reels must be manually posted on the app and cannot be scheduled. A few problems with consistency and time consumption may result from this.

Not Ideal for Some Businesses

Depending on your sector, video content may not be appropriate for your marketing approach. Reels are effective for anyone focusing on industries like fitness, food, hospitality, fashion & beauty, and more. Yet, in general, it isn’t appropriate for companies that lack a strong visual identity.

In other words, even if you’re like video marketing, you should be aware that if your audience isn’t into videos, using Instagram reels could fail you really soon. This is the drawback because you can advertise to the wrong group of people.

The Bottom Line

Reels have numerous advantages, particularly for marketers who want to store all their content in one location and don’t want to overcomplicate their tactics by spreading over multiple platforms. Also, there is room for the feature to develop and grow into something much more significant because it is still in its beginnings.

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