How to Choose a Metal CNC Machine

Looking to save time and money on the manufacture of your parts? Interested in automating the machining process? If so, you need to invest in a metal CNC machine. 

A CNC machine or a Computer Numerical Control machine is a machine that can be programmed to facilitate milling, shaping, drilling, turning, and other techniques. It’s used on everything from metals to plastics and much more, automating the manufacture of specific parts. 

The only issue is that CNC machines are extremely expensive. This is why if you’re buying one, you need to do your due diligence to ensure you’re getting one that serves all of your needs. 

Need help doing your due diligence? Then read on. Here’s how to choose a metal CNC machine. 

Determine the Level of Complexity You Require

Different CNC machines are capable of facilitating different levels of complexity. Therefore, before purchasing one, it’s vital to determine the level of complexity it can reach. 

Three-axis CNC machines are sufficient for simple tasks with few intricacies. If your parts are detailed, on the other hand, you should purchase a five-axis CNC machine. 

Consider Cost

CNC machines are expensive, and you can only spend what you can spend. So, obviously, you need to consider the cost of the machine you buy. 

That said, you shouldn’t spend too little. If a CNC machine is too cheap, it’s likely lacking in performance or durability. You need to strike a good balance between quality and price. 

Make Sure There Are Spare Parts Available

You’ll also want to make sure that there are spare parts available. Odds are, something on your CNC machine will break at some point. If you aren’t able to quickly and affordably replace it, you could stumble into problems with productivity. 

When you find a CNC machine you like, search Google for the name of the machine followed by the phrase “spare parts”. If plenty of spare parts options pop up, you’ll be good to go. 

Ensure You Have the Power Necessary

CNC machines require substantial amounts of power in order to run. In fact, many of these machines use 3-phase power. So, before buying a CNC machine, you need to make sure you have the power necessary to power it. 

Consider an Automatic Tool Changer

Some metal CNC machines are only programmed to facilitate one level of machining at a time. To facilitate another form of machining, a human being must remove the part and then readjust it into the machine for further machining. 

This is unless the CNC machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer. This does the “human” work for you, thus allowing you to complete many items without human intervention. 

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Choosing the Right Metal CNC Machine Can Seismically Improve Your Productivity

It’s as simple as this: choosing the right metal CNC machine can seismically improve your productivity. But if you make the wrong choice, you can actually hurt your business financially. This is why it’s vital for you to utilize this guide.

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