A Guide to the Perfect Horse Bedroom Décor

Do you find it challenging to choose the right horse bedroom decor?

There are many different themes and styles you can use to decorate a room for your horse. Still, the tendency is to go crazy with the theme and make it look more like a fake horse stable than a bedroom.

When decorating a horse’s room, it is essential to balance out the sophisticated and stable features with an aesthetically pleasing room. You’ll have a horse that is well-kept but also a room that is lived in and inspiring.

To learn more about what’s involved in the perfect horse bedroom decor, keep reading.

Choose a Color Palette

Neutral earth tones like beige, tan, cream and light brown are perfect for walls and carpets. Color palettes like accent colors can be used in rugs, curtains, and artwork to bring out the horse theme.

Red, green, and blue are natural colors that can be found in the standard horse coat. Darker shades of wood, such as oak or mahogany, can be used for furniture pieces to add a touch of elegance.

Add Wall Decor

Wall art prints with silhouettes of horses look chic and can be used to create a focal point on the wall. You could also pick horse decorations with horse-related words or phrases for an artsy feel.

Equine-themed wall stickers are great and are easy to install and remove. Horse-themed wallpapers, stencils, and tapestries are another option to consider.

Paintings of horses in lively colors add a rustic charm and look appealing. Magnets with horse decals and sculptures of horse heads can also be incorporated into the equestrian decor. 

Design a Bedding Set

Bedding can be found in many styles and colors with a variety of horse designs. You can find a classic horse image or one that is more abstract and modern.

Many horse-themed designs have coordinating pieces, like curtains and even night lamps. Choose bedding that matches your style and personality, incorporating a theme of horses. Woven fabrics, quilts, and duvets are just a few of the choices.

Look for Furniture

A simple bedframe, dresser, and bookshelf can bring added life and utility to the room. You can also add attractive touches with a hand-woven horse-shaped ottoman or rocking chair.

You could even hang saddles and bridles on the wall to represent the equestrian lifestyle. The horse statue is also an eye-catching and versatile piece of furniture; you can click for horse statues here to place them in any room of the house.

Incorporate With Accessories

Horse decor accessories, such as pillows, rugs, and lighting, can bring a room alive and reflect a person’s love for horses. Brightly patterned bedding is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Soft pillows featuring horses can add a vibrant, comfortable feel to a room. The elegant but cozy light fixture is an often overlooked detail that, when done tastefully, can pull the look of a room together.

Choose Your Perfect Horse Bedroom Decor For your Home

Having considered the basics of a perfect horse bedroom decor, it’s now time for you to get down to the details. Get inspired by the lots of ideas available online to create a dream-like horse-theme bedroom.

Be creative and enjoy designing fun and functional decor. Don’t be scared to take a risk or two for the best results. Take the first step in transforming your horse bedroom, and start planning today!

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