Competitive games and their betting strategies: a checklist

It seems like a natural thing for competitive games to be popular since human beings are ambitious at their core. Moreover, the games are fun and provide the players with plenty of mental stimulation. They have also been associated with numerous cognitive skill improvements, including in planning, decision-making and social interactions. Many of these games take place online, and their accessibility has boosted their popularity. Now, players from all over the world can join in on the fun. 

Esports betting has also become part of the competitive game environment, adding an extra layer of excitement among those participating in the competitions. Here are some of the games you could try and the strategies you should be aware of to have a successful outcome. 

Competitive solitaire 

Solitaire is a classic game played by people from all over the world for generations. Its simplicity plays a prominent role in its general appeal, and so does its versatility. Depending on your level, you can start with something relatively simple and straightforward or go for something more complex that lets you challenge yourself. And while solitaire is traditionally associated with solo playing, competitive games bring in a wholly different atmosphere, as the stakes are higher and more people are involved. 

Find Lucky 7 Game on 10CRIC Casino to enjoy one of the most popular, fast solitaire games, Lucky Seven. It is played with coasters and uses points accumulation and luck as the primary strategy. Any number of players can take part. The game mechanics are based on a mathematical formula known as a strange loop. The concept refers to a cyclic structure that moves through different levels as part of a hierarchical system. 

Lucky Seven is played with seven numbered coasters per player, hence the name. The goal is for all seven coasters to be turned side up by the end of the game in order to gain more points. If more than one player is involved, the coasters have to be shuffled, and each player will choose one of them. The participant who gets the highest number begins the game. 

The coasters are laid in a row with the number-side facing down. Players take turns to turn the coasters over and then leave them in place with the number-side upwards. The exposed number determines the position of the following coaster that will be turned up, and so on. The game continues to see if all the coasters can be turned over. If a player turns over one with a number calling for a position that was already turned, that player becomes a “bust”. The coasters are then reshuffled and passed to the next player.

The game can take as little as five minutes, and the setup time shouldn’t last longer than sixty seconds. Players must keep their own scores throughout the duration of the game, which could be played for each or a certain number of hands. There’s also the option to play until reaching an agreed points total. The winner is, of course, the player that gets the most points. 

League of Legends

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena, a popular subgenre of strategy video games in which teams compete against one another on a battlefield. The game’s concept was inspired by Defense of the Ancients. League is free-to-play and includes monetised content as well, such as for character customisation features that can be purchased. 

League of Legends is the most prominent esports in the world. The competitive scene includes multiple regional leagues, culminating in the annual League of Legends World Championship. Founded in 2011, the tournament is the culmination of each playing season. It has been consistently praised for the performances it delivers and made the news for the often-dramatic proceedings. It is the most-watched video game competition in the world. 

So far, the T1 team of South Korea has been the most successful in the championship’s entire history, winning three times. Livestreaming websites follow all the games as well, so it’s simple to start betting on League of Legends. The process is the same as for any other sports event. The most basic type is the one that bets on the money line. The game also follows a complex storyline, which is quite rare for such games. 

The storytellers and artists have added substantial amounts of flavour text. This means that the character backgrounds and settings are more vivid. While very little of that makes it into the gameplay, the work has supplied the foundation and development of other League of Legends forms of media, including comic books, short stories, music videos and a highly successful animated series


Another game released by Riot Games for Windows, Valorant, is a first-person hero shooter game. It had its official release on June 2nd, 2020. It was inspired by Counter-Strike and borrowed several mechanics from the series, including the buy menu and movement inaccuracy. There’s a wide variety of playable agents, all of which are divided into four prominent roles: Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers and Initiators. 

The duelists are specialised in attacks, while the sentinels are better from defensive positions and can protect teammates from enemies. The controllers can add coverage or clear out considerable areas using crowd control tactics. The initiators plan the attack campaigns and are the best when it comes to breaking through enemy positions. 

There are several platforms out there that offer Valorant bets, where you can also get additional features. Built-in streaming, statistics that cover both teams and individual players, as well as a considerable range of markets, are among the most essential elements. 

The competitive games landscape has steadily become more popular over the years, and there’s a growing number of people who are interested in participating. If you’re thinking about going into esports betting as well, you need to learn how the odds work, as well as why they change. Learn how to navigate data when choosing any potential picks and look into advanced strategies such as hedging or ditching to maximise your success rate. 


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