Add value to your rooms by hanging 16×20 Canvas.

Add value to your rooms by hanging 16×20 Canvas.

Size counts when it is about wall art. If the size is wrong, something will seem strange. A canvas picture or framed print might be the statement décor your home was missing. Instead of making the room feel disjointed, you need your wall hangings to be striking and bring the room together. A room that is too tiny or large may appear unfinished or appear a little crowded. You want it to be perfect, like Goldy locks. We’ve put together this simple guide to assist you in choosing the wall art that is the proper size for your area so that you can be sure your masterpiece fits wonderfully and enhances the space.

A perfect size:

16×20 canvas is ideal for hanging in your bedrooms, lounges, living rooms, or dining rooms of medium or large areas.

Also, take into account the walls you choose for framing. You might want additional assistance in drilling holes in concrete or brick walls. However, you may simply follow the methods listed below for drywalls and quickly hang your new wall décor.

Steps to hang 16×20 canvas:

Basic Steps:

  • The fundamental equipment required to hang a canvas is as follows:
  • Tools needed include a pencil, a screw, a hammer, a spirit level, a measuring tape wall protection pads or ruler, and nails.
  • Based on the scale of your canvas frame, you will also want extra fittings such screws, wire, sawtooth hooks, and eye hangers in addition to the necessary materials.


Think about the location:

The positioning of the frame is one of the significant mistakes consumers make. Their estimation’s outcome becomes apparent when the frame is too low or too high.

Keep the photographs at eye level while framing them, especially if you intend to place them over your couch or bed.

For breathing room, leave at least 6″ between the top of the furniture and the base of the canvas.

Hanging a canvas:

Let’s hang up your new personalized canvas now that the essential elements are out of the way.

However, before you begin, remember:

  • Before putting up your new canvas, clean the wall.
  • Rearrange furnishings to create additional room.
  • Keep all necessary tools close to reaching.
  • If you intend to renovate your entire wall collection, keep a helper on hand to pass the tools.
  • To avoid damaging your wall, use wall protection pads on the canvas’ wooden frame.

How to nail a canvas on the wall?

Hammering a nail into the wall and placing the topmost wooden frame of the canvas over through the nail is the simplest and most popular solution.

Keep in mind to leave at least a third of the nail exposed to hold the frame; otherwise, you risk damaging the wall.

As simple as it may be, we don’t advise utilizing this technique for a large canvas because the nail alone cannot give enough support.

Bottom Line:

16×20 canvas offers a beautiful aesthetic look to your house. It is an ideal size that can fit in a medium or large room. It can be simply hung on any wall. It gives a creative look to the house.

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